1. R

    Gaming RyuuHi (Kind of)? New Gamer

    Hello there, YTTalk community! I'm a YouTube gamer by the name "RyuuHi", and I have posted a new video last night but was too tired to promote it. Also, Google states that 9:00am is the best time to post on social media. So here I am, trying to get more views on my YouTube channel. You can check...
  2. GrannyGamer

    Lets Play Indie Horror - Escape the Place

    Here's one of my indie horror games from itch.io called Escape the Place. I have used the webcam to show reactions in this video as I'm trying to do with the horror games. I am still trying to figure out how to get it in sync as you will see a slight delay in voice to my mouth. Even though my...
  3. GrannyGamer

    Eastshade, Amazing Visuals, Sounds and Characters

    No violence in this beautiful game, the intro is below my name and this is the second episode, I've just uploaded the third to my yt channel. I hope you enjoy :)
  4. JamesGAMES YT

    New Video Format (The Last of Us Finale)

  5. Dayn Brian


    What's good guys, Daynasty here! Today we continue our quest in Pokemon Mega Emerald XY. I met great Pokemon today, but unfortunately.....
  6. Waley

    Gaming Looking to start gaming group (PC)

    Hey im waley from switzerland and im looking to create a group and play funny games together. I didnt upload anything in the last few months and want to start upload more again. Im 24 so it would be cool if you're 19+ :) I dont really have any other requirements except maybe a good mic. Im...
  7. Sammy_Ma_Boy

    Gaming Aged 13+ Minecraft Group

    Hey, there I am a fellow youtuber! I want to create a Minecraft group with about 2~4 players in it. I have recently got a new youtube channel called SammyGamingHD, I have only got 10 subscribers and no videos but I would like to just start afresh with YOU! if you are interested just Join my...
  8. MasterRoo

    Thinking outside of the Box

    I completely understand that Let's Plays is a saturated market but will giving my channel more variety be a lot more intriguing to viewers? I figured I make gaming reviews or have friends join in on lket's plays. Any advise will help and please let me know.
  9. The Insane Reaver

    Call of Duty World War 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 - Taking The Stronghold!!

    Today Daniels and Zussman prove their worth to Pierson while taking the Stronghold they came to at the end of the previous mission! I am really loving this game right now and I hope you guys are as well. Keep it CRAZY everyone!!
  10. The Insane Reaver

    Call of Duty World War 2 Gameplay Walkthrough - PART 2 - WELCOME BACK ZUSSMAN!!

    Today we get our boy ZUSSMAN back into the fray after taking a knife in the gut in the first mission! We also get to go Turkey shooting (with planes) so it's a GREAT time! I am really loving call of duty world war 2 and I hope you guys enjoy watching it. Keep it CRAZY guys!!
  11. The Insane Reaver

    CALL OF DUTY WW 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Normandy - Welcome to the S**t Show!

    What's up guys! Today we went BACK TO BASICS and jumped into the most EPIC Call of Duty game yet! Finally we don't have to worry about boost jumping to our deaths or into a hail of bullets! But hey, I decided to start off with the AMAZING campaign mode before I move on to things like Multiplayer...
  12. BullMoose

    I am your Master now! - SWTOR Let's Play

    Acolyte Moose is back in Ep. 6 of our Let's Play Star Wars The Old Republic (SWTOR). The action picks up as Moose dives into the Tomb of Tulak Hord, the "Lord of Hate" to prove himself worthy of becoming the apprentice of Darth Baras.
  13. AMX Gaming

    Fried Josie | Little Nightmares #5

    Hi guys welcome to Little Nightmares #5 this time a new challenge awaits, a chef, not just any chef. He wants blood and to have poor Josie for dinner, we cannot let that happen, he's standing in our way so must do something about this chef that wants to fry Josie. Will we make it out alive or...
  14. Stan Tse

    Am I Not Energetic Enough?

    I have a gaming channel: 6 videos, 100 views, 2 subs Is that normal? Because I'm a bit worried about my growth. I have a very short average watch duration of 1 minute out of the whole 10 minute length, and I think it might be because I'm not energetic enough. I also have a several dislikes...
  15. ceo Lorenzo

    Outlast 2 Gameplay Part 3 – We Found Lynn! – Let’s Play Walkthrough

    Episode 3 of my outlast 2 series. Let me know if you have any feedback
  16. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Buried Alive

    Oh no....buried alive? that's right you guys we get buried alive in this outlast 2 gameplay, as we move forward in the game we are still finding our way out of this scalled village including trying to escape from laird and nick, and along the way we get buried watch how it happens in this...
  17. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | The Sacrifice

    We continue with outlast 2. After an intense chase from the last episode we reach a church where something crazy happens, we get caught for snooping around and it's more running for my life, watch as things get crazy and scary in this outlast 2 gameplay part 6 Outlast 2 | The Sacrifice Thank...
  18. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | Tentacle Love

    get ready for more scares, scary chases and creepy enemies trying to kill us we also get some tentacle love and action along the way. we revisit the scary school and relive the part we saw in the outlast 2 demo. Thank You for watching this Outlast 2 | Tentacle Love gameplay, let's play video...
  19. AMX Gaming

    She's Moving Way Too Fast - Akiba's Strip: Undead And Undressed

    Welcome to Tuesdays with Senpai, today we begin our blind run of Akiba's Strip Undead and Undressed. An interesting game to say the least where we realize we were tricked in a job offering and we are now something known as a Synthister, a creature that is hurt by sunlight. Along the way we get...
  20. AMX Gaming

    Inside: Finale | They're All Dead (Part 1)

    This is part 1 of Inside an awesome indie puzzle adventure game, we are very close to finding the secret or what is actually going on in this place. we see some awesome puzzles in this one along with riddles and other things that make this an amazing and funny gameplay. INSIDE Hunted and...
  21. AMX Gaming

    Yandere Simulator | Worst Assassin Ever | Tuesdays With Senpai

    Hello everybody Yandere Simulator is back and in this game play you guys will see why i may just be the worst assassin, thief and possibly player that has ever played yandere simulator lol. We give mission mode an attempt...well a few actually, this is something new to me where we are given a...
  22. radialDomo

    Audio: Good or Bad

    Ever since my last couple of recordings, I haven't been able to tell how good or bad the audio on my videos has gotten. It's definitely improved since my first couple of recordings and have gotten to a point where I think I'm happy with it. So if your still reading and confused by what I'm...
  23. AMX Gaming

    The Crow's Eye | The Mystery Begins

    Hi guys amx here, today we start a blind run on the crow's eye a first-person psychological terror game. We control a young man trapped in the abandoned crowsood university. The complex story is narrated through documents, recordings, and radio, which tell the experiences of policemen and...
  24. AMX Gaming

    How To Survive A Nuclear Holocaust | 60 Seconds! #1

    In this 60 seconds gameplay i will hopefully show you guys how to survive a nuclear holocaust, or die trying lol. this is a brand new series for us but it's gonna be a fun and exciting one as we take on the games different challenges and we do our best to keep the family safe, happy, healthy and...
  25. AMX Gaming

    DeadTruth: The Dark Path Ahead | Down Poochie

    In this deadtruth the dark path ahead gameplay, we see the wolves once again, we form a strategy to beat them and we realize that poochie is not so tough Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day
  26. FrankenPixelGaming

    I INHERITED A FARM - Stardew Valley Part 1

    Hope you enjoy!
  27. KaizzyB


    What an amazing game, I sit down and played the first 30 minutes, what a masterpiece! Must buy this game..
  28. AMX Gaming

    Brawlhalla Collab With RedMageGames

    This is a video of a collab with redmagegames on brawlhalla. this was so much fun to do and there are so many funny moments, fun times and some nice fights between us and other players. Thank You For Watching This Let's Play Video, Have A Very Nice Day
  29. AMX Gaming

    Double Dragon 4 Finale

    We begin this double dragon finale in stage 9, last time we died in stage 10, so close to the end, but we realize that if you hit start or enter you can continue from the last stage you completed.... as usual i focused on the better moments of this game, it's so much fun, i enjoyed playing...