1. K

    My Channel 775 subs over millions of total views!! :D

    here is my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/mercora1215 i have funny,informative,meme,political videos and more !! i also update daily enjoy and don't forget to sub :D:)
  2. N

    YouTube Censored My Video Criticizing Russian Government

    That was a video where I read a joke poem in Russian of my own writing, called "Русский Мальчик" (Russian Boy). The protagonist boy got involved in various child abuse homosexual misadventures (I.e. "Russian boy enlisted to the army, he served as a rape boy in there"), due to Russian government...
  3. Q

    Commentary Political/Sceptic channel looking for someone to collab with

    Hey, I am a political/sceptic channel. I would like to find someone to collab with. The reason for that is: If you are talking about politics, the best you can do is to listen to other people's opinions too
  4. Conncast

    The Rise of Dynamic Hip Hop Fascism! Civ5 RED WW2

    In this installment of conncast plays we explore the ins and outs of Bynamic Bib Bop Bascism under Benito Bussolini! tune in and watch conncast plays with both civ5 and victoria 2
  5. Conncast

    Strategy Letsplays with a Righty flair!

    My channel contains letsplays in progress of not only Civilization five, red ww2 mod but also Victoria 2, I am always open to suggestions (and yes I know that my first vic2 video is far too loud) even though letsplays are a saturated market for many games my two angles are my sense of humor and...
  6. Conncast

    Quality, Quantity, Both? Algorithm Chat

    Hello there, this is among my first posts on the site and I would like a little info from somebody who knows a little better than I do about the youtube algorithms and how they can be fully exploited for greater exposure. I will structure this post in a series of questions, many of which have...
  7. Meredith Bryan

    Donald Trump and Christmas trees?!

    Hi everyone ! Today a few of my coworkers talked politics . . Someone referred to Donald Trump as having nazi tendencies . . That might be crossing the line . . I also put my Christmas tree up ! Too early ? Find out why I did . . .
  8. Average Bars

    Separating Ourselves Into Groups: Tribalism

    A rant about tribalism and the human tendency to not listen to the other side because of their labels and the groups they identify with: a problem I feel like is growing very quickly on YouTube and social media, as well as the world. Make sure you look at things from other perspectives.
  9. Average Bars

    Is Learning a Foreign Language Cultural Appropriation?

    In this video I address a tweet calling learning another language which is not a part of one's culture as cultural appropriation. Tell me what you think, if I messed up somewhere or if you agree/disagree with my opinion.
  10. Average Bars

    Modern Day Geography Quiz!

    A geography quiz based on current events. Designed to make people aware of the ignorance of geography many people have, and perhaps the viewer as well. Kind of a sarcastic video, but that's really my style. I may make another video adding on to this because I'm skeptical whether or not I made...
  11. Average Bars

    Response Video: Do College Students Hate Free Speech?

    I respond to a video by Reason.TV called "Do College Students Hate Free Speech? Let's Ask Them". It's a longer video, but I feel like it's worth a watch for people who are just as sick of this PC culture that's becoming more popular. Tell me what you think, whether it was way too long or if...