1. MindfulInquirer

    Who is Dracula really ?

    A breakdown and closer look at the deeper hidden characteristics in the myth of Dracula
  2. ProXima123

    Visuals, Music, Voice overs

    What way do you prioritize conveying your videos? Do you place visuals as the most important aspect to represent yourself and your videos? Do you focus on music to get your ideas or themes across? Do your videos consist of only your voice to express your thought, opinions etc.? Is it a mixture...
  3. ProXima123

    Thoughts on Negative Feedback

    There are a lot of people who let negative feedback drag them down and lessen their goals and in turn, their potential. Not only pertaining towards being a creator, but generally speaking as well. Personally I like negative feedback, although sometimes harsh, it pushes me to try harder and...
  4. Calvin Joseph Terlizzi

    Vlog Looking for Collaborators for My Channel on Mental Health/Psychology.

    I started blogging about mental health and psychology back in 2012 and have recently realized I need some collaborations to have more material to work with. Maybe we could even start a new channel together? I'm looking for someone with a lot of knowledge and perhaps even personal experience on...
  5. Hi!MyNameIsJan

    What if you are only a thought of a higher being ? I explore this in my new video

    Hello ! Normaly i do comic comedy - and i will continue doing that. But i just had this itch to make this video so i went for it. Through my stickman charakter im exploring if your whole existence is just the thought of a higher being, flashing through his consciusness.
  6. T

    Commentary Possible Podcast or other variations. Movies, Politics, Philosophy.

    I like a lot of things and would like another person, if not, It would be a boring podcast. I am a natural skeptic, I like to call out BS. I like abstract Ideas when it comes to Politics and philosophy. Love movies, All kinds. Action, comedy, ,martial arts, tv. Even video games. I like to laugh...
  7. ProfessionalRik

    [Deep Thinking] PNEUMA

    I started a new series and I'd like to see what you guys think. Of the game! If you think the game is interesting. Comment on the video, please! I'd love to know if you guys think it's worth continuing!
  8. Puck Mitchell

    Brainstorm GO!

    So what idea hasn't been done. With thousands of videos uploaded around the world every hour. What new idea can compete. Sure in a years time you can grow a fanbase of 1k or so. Appreciate the hard work, I was once there and now I'm starting over due to personal reasons, however, I know now how...
  9. Puck Mitchell

    WHY: Get involved a new series begging the question why.

    So, I'm beginning my new series WHY: I will attempt to tackle any question thrown at me about anything! I edit gameplay however it serves as a backdrop if I talk about whatever else, in this episode I just answered the question as to why dark souls 3 is different, rambled a little but it was...
  10. kevsup

    Can you truly fit into someone else's shoes?