Puck Mitchell

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So what idea hasn't been done. With thousands of videos uploaded around the world every hour. What new idea can compete. Sure in a years time you can grow a fanbase of 1k or so. Appreciate the hard work, I was once there and now I'm starting over due to personal reasons, however, I know now how long it could take to gain back that kind of fan base. Though we are in an even more polluted time(4 years on from my old channel) by so many videos, the time you thought of an idea, it's been done.

What ideas are the META. I like gaming but I love philosophy and editing, so I'd like to grow a fan base around those. A mature audience doesn't go as far as one would like - though I'm not after the crown of YouTube, just appreciation. So I am brainstorming ideas that I feel have space for a serious audience.

So I'll throw what I've been seeing around YouTube a lot lately - question series for example AlternateHistoryHub with a 'What If?' series which I found from looking for the idea I just thought of! He is well researched too so I'd have to stay well away from that. I started my first one called 'WHY', I haven't played with too many questions yet, but it's intended to be fun and stupid and sometimes serious. I'm trying to figure out what kind of question could go with gaming but really hit some feels with some thoughts if you catch my drift! To be able to voice my mind with a backdrop of a pretty game I feel is where I am at and I love editing the gameplay to make it look better than the ordinary game you'd play yourself.

Either way - I'll cut it here. Let me know what ideas you feel haven't been touched upon on youtube(if any!), if you suddenly come up with an epiphany and want an idea for yourself, go ahead. May the best man win. I'm all for helping the community so we grow together, I'm excited to see what kind of ideas I've failed to come close to!

Appreciate you reading, away we go.... 'Tumbleweed'