1. O

    Copyright idea tool for YouTube

    YouTube recently launched clips so that users can enable a feature to share small portions of their videos that link back to the video itself. What if YouTube allowed this feature to be used for reactions, lyric videos, remixes, and so forth. Basically what I'm getting at is this. 1. User...
  2. P

    Ideas/suggestions for monetizable content without facecam or voice

    So with the changes and more and more channels getting demonetized, it seems that youtube is favoring channels that use facecam or voice-over, but i read that it's still possible to monetize videos even if they don't show facecam or voice for certain type of contents. So i'm here to look for...
  3. Hanne Verleysen

    Happy Summer Songs

    Hi there! For a new video I'm making I'd like to know what everyone's favourite happy (summer) songs are. I hope you guys can help me out with some great suggestions! (can't tell you yet what the concept of the video exactly is, but y'all will soon find out ;) )
  4. MinZenReiClar

    Pose Making Challenge Need Poses

    I have this idea of first copying Jojo Bizarre adventure poses because of how ridiculous they are but I was wondering if anyone has any wild poses for me to try to copy? Thanks for any help.
  5. Mark Stise

    Opening a Playlist with 25 videos at the same time.

    Hello everyone: I have an idea and I would like to get some input on it Now normally the number of videos in various playlists. I am planning on setting up a series of videos on the same subject (Star Wars the Clone Wars) These videos will be set to private until I have all 25 videos up and...
  6. T

    Good games to record

    Any suggestions for Good reliable games or popular games for a starting youtuber
  7. T

    Gaming channel video ideas

    I want to start out, but I don't know what type of video I should start out with that people will like Any ideas I.e Type of Content or Length of videos
  8. SoccerBrosTv

    Short Film Movie

    SoccerBrosT is making a Short Film about Soccer. Since it's October, we want to make an insane 5-10 min Scary Movie episode. We just need ideas to help us out... Anyone have ideas?! Please help out... *We want to make this Season 1 with 5 episodes!!!**
  9. The Humble JuanB

    Series Idea!

    Chrononaut, time traveler name of show: FLUX time keeper, the zordon of the series (Prop: back to the future flux capacitor watch available on ebay) flux watch - 3 button system, you press the first button to tell watch when in time you wanna go (date, time and place)...
  10. EurekaVidmak

    Anyone experienced in Podcast?

    For you who have some experience with creating a podcast, i want to know how you prepare or planning for it? Do you write a script for it or just go spontaneous? Do you talk only 1 topic or just talk randomly? And else... I want to create my own podcast, but i kinda new to it. I don't how to...
  11. Conight

    Help me write my next video!

    You don't need to watch my videos to help with this project I thought I would state that before people think this is a roundabout way of advertising my content, its not I just need extra comments. So I started a series where I make a script of my next skit using comments from the viewers left...
  12. Heaven Dancer

    Thumbnail Title Ideas

    Hello, I am needing advice on a thumbnail title. I am creating a "how to" video on a ballet move called a balancé and how to use it for worship flags (using the dance movement to move around the church). My niche is small and the biggest "competitor" uses the title "Flag Tutorial". That's not...
  13. Amy Medek

    What would happen with an experimental youtube account?

    I had an idea for a new youtube account. Let's call it "The Experiment," though it could have a different name. I was wondering about a youtube account that could be made to be used as an experiment to see what happens to an account that only has videos that people have free reign over (unless...
  14. R

    Any youtuber that do more then two type of contexts on there channel.

    Is there any youtuber that do gaming and that is also a musician on youtube. I might do both of does because I like to do those two things.
  15. Ashley Coutts

    Let's play video help

    Hey guys, So I'm in the process of starting my YouTube channel, I am wanting to do this as a bit of a hobby as I love gaming of all genres and would like to get involved in creating content on YouTube. I am looking for a little advice / feedback on an Idea I have. I have seen loads of let's...
  16. KingleBricks

    Other good idea for collab

    i have a great idea for a collaboration video but need another youtuber to do it, i know i only have like one sub but subs dont matter as much as traffic and uploading at the right time of day plus id be posting it on my channel (and yours if youd like) so it wouldnt be me asking for some sort...
  17. Sally Miller

    I need some inspiration

    I run a Sims youtube channel where I create sims music videos. I had took a break a year ago to focus on my thesis short film based on my sims characters. After finishing the short film and returning back to youtube, I have noticed that I no longer can come up with great video ideas for my sims...
  18. Quertier

    A Rusty Englishman. My idea for entertaining Rust episode

    hello everyone, hope you're all well and the creativity keeps coming. I have an idea for an episode or possible series, for the game Rust... Now for all of you who may not have heard of rust or played it, just know that the game can be very difficult due to it solely multiplayer gameplay and it...
  19. sparkypi

    Desktop Vlog Ideas?

    Hey guys, my channel is a gaming channel, but those videos are difficult and take hours to make, even for a junk practice round. I want to work on my skills all the time, so I made a secondary vlogging/challenge/etc. channel so I could use that to make short, easy-to-edit videos that would be...
  20. Kade2110

    100 Sub Special Ideas??

    Hey everyone, so I recently just achieved my small goal of hitting 100 subs, and now I want to do something really cool for all my supporters, so what is a cool, fun idea to do for the 100 Sub Celebration video? All ideas are great, thank you! :)
  21. javacentral

    Who here likes Bob's Burgers?

    I know I do. And every week they have a sign with a special burger of the week with some random topping or added thing. What I'm thinking of thinking is I go from episode one till whenever I catch up or give up and take that special ingredient and put it in coffee. I'd like show which episode...
  22. TerryVision

    My Christmas Video idea ... Who's in?

    Right so Christmas is coming up in like 10 days. I've not seen any of the 'big' YouTubers do anything like this so what I was thinking was We all (who ever wants to take part) record a short video wishing those less fortunate a Merry Christmas and stuff. Then pick something you own in your...
  23. AliKat

    Is This A Good Idea!?!?

    Hey everyone, I've recently been wanting to play a game on my channel that's new and not over a year old, and I just pre-ordered a copy of the game The Last Guardian which will arrive on the 7th for me in Australia. Now this game, as most of you know, is highly anticipated and people will be all...
  24. Sunflower Tactic

    What are some upcoming games you all want to see

    Me and Eric are wondering what games are coming out that you all would like to see and would be interested in. Please don't say any older games.
  25. summernichole

    Good Idea?

    Hey , so i get snack crate and i was wondering if people find the videos entertaining where you try food from other countries?
  26. javacentral

    Halloween video about coffee?

    I'm really wanting to make a video about halloween or something scary but I've learned that's kind of tough when your videos are about coffee. Any ideas?
  27. P

    idea for win youtube money

    Hello, today i want to show you an idea ! I consider to create a youtube channel where I show lot of pub and i invite anyone watching them. What people win to do that ? they will can win a part of money win by viewing ads :D Of course not everybody will get money but everybody will have a luck...
  28. Dochiito

    I need your opinion...

    Hey there guys, and well as you've seen in the title of the thread, I'm in need of your opinion on an idea I have for a video... Anyways I want to do a challenge video with a friend of mine, but he doesn't speak english and my channel is in english... So I was thinking of doing the video in...
  29. WokingWithWill

    Is cooking channel not a good idea?

    Hi All, I see a lot of people doing video game and vlog videos. Are cooking channels not popular whatsoever?
  30. Kazniev

    Anyone got ideas for a first video?

    I do want to start YouTube in the future, but the ideas for the first few videos are the hardest to think of for me. I'd love to become a YouTuber like ComedyShortsGamer with crazy challenges for example, but most likely I'd start with some gameplay and a gaming channel, but without facecam...