What would happen with an experimental youtube account?

Amy Medek

Aug 11, 2017
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I had an idea for a new youtube account. Let's call it "The Experiment," though it could have a different name. I was wondering about a youtube account that could be made to be used as an experiment to see what happens to an account that only has videos that people have free reign over (unless credited to another user that had donated their video for experimental use).
Through this account, I think that people would be able to find out what would happen with some of the youtube videos under such a situation. I'm not exactly sure what all of it entails, but I thought I should let you guys know my thoughts on such an idea.
There will, however be some limitations that such an account will have and some requirements as well.

-Everything made on it can't have anything that refers to something already made without giving credit to it, but other than that, it has original works that may or may not go viral.
-You can't reveal the real identity of the "The Experiment" youtuber who owns this account until a set date in which it can be announced on "The Experiment" youtube account (preferably via video on the account). Until then, everything is anonymous and everything on there is fair game (that's original work from "The Experiment").
-Anyone can suggest ideas to it, as long as it doesn't reveal the original "The Experiment" youtuber before the alotted date, it could be put on the account as a youtube vid.

Rules (for vids made by the "The Experiment" youtuber)
1. The youtube experiment ("The Experiment") will limit its own comments that it will comment to a set number that will be said which comment it will be. (Unless otherwise stated in the vid and description.)
2. It will never use another account to refer to as itself in comments (no links when it comments).
3. It will never be used to simply trash people and feel bad.

Rules (for commenting on other vids in the comments)
1. The experiment will never post comments that have links.
2. The experiment will never be out to abuse others.
3. The experiment will never refer to itself as another person in comments until after the alotted date of revealing itself.
4. The experiment will never be used for what is a violation of sportsman-like conduct.

-In every vid it will have the rules listed in the description, and will never violate those rules.
-If the account ever does, that will be an end to the experiment's posting of videos and commenting from the experiment.
-Also, other commenters are expected to be respectful and treat others as they wish to be treated.
-If there's enough abusive comments in the comments, then the experiment has the right to turn off the comment function.

For others that want their vids featured in the experiment:
-They have to show it first on their own account and say they'll want to have it featured in "The Experiment," but also say that they're not the original "The Experiment" youtuber account owner.
-They then refer to "The Experiment" account with a link in the description to "The Experiment" account.
-Also, before the vid can be featured, "The Experiment" must be approved by at least a set amount of youtubers in the yttalk forum. If the vid is approved, it can be featured in "The Experiment" as one of the vids for free reign (unless otherwise agreed upon by the original vid owner and those involved).

Some questions that may be answered or addressed:
-What would happen to this account?
-How many would claim it as theirs?
-Would this reveal more to what others are experiencing as youtubers?
-Or... would it fail as a real experiment because others were aware of it?

Anyways, I thought I would throw this idea out there. Hope it actually works for something. I'm going to post this in the debate forum since, well... lots of people may actually feel like debating about it.
And, even though I wish it could come to fruition on someone's noggin and maybe become an anonymous youtube account, I wanted my input since I think it'd help the community.