1. Amy Medek

    What would happen with an experimental youtube account?

    I had an idea for a new youtube account. Let's call it "The Experiment," though it could have a different name. I was wondering about a youtube account that could be made to be used as an experiment to see what happens to an account that only has videos that people have free reign over (unless...
  2. The Guillotine Channel

    Oobleck experiment!

  3. WannaBeDerp

    EXPERIMENT!! 20 videos in one month!! (Will be updated)

    Starting this day I will start to upload almost once a day for the next couple of weeks. (4 Weeks) I saw a couple of people on this forum trying it so I decided to try it to. For the next couple of weeks school won't be so busy so I have the time to make a video every other day. My current...
  4. Jonatan Moser

    I covered a techno song acapella style!

    Yeah... I did a cover of Alan Walker's 'Alone' all acapella style - aaaaand a little kazoo xD Check it out and let me know what you think!
  5. Becca Clansey


    Hi Everyone!! Thought I would introduce myself to the forum by sharing the favourite video I've ever done :D I look forward to getting to know lots of you better and exploring the forum some more! Thank you :)
  6. Rahi Official

    Reached 2,000 views!!

    Today I reached 2,000 views on one of my experimental project. I was working with different musicians from all around the world and recreating their famous songs in my style. As a result I did my last video and since then views started to go up. So I'm confident to move forward with this...
  7. Dog

    Tried something a bit different!

    Hey! I made recently video about a online horror experiment, which is little bit different than videos, which I usually make (you can compare if you have some spare time). The main difference is that since it is a story, I can't really edit much. Usually my videos are about some random games...
  8. Nick Rivera

    Services Giving away Guitar tracks for your channel!

    Hi guys! I've been playing guitar for 10 years now, have a lot of experience in making music you can even check out my channel to see my playing. For a limited time I'll be giving away tracks for your youtube channel. You would just need to tell me which genre you want (more metal, folk...
  9. Yusef472

    Making hydrogen and burning it!

    Hey! I made a video a day ago about making hydrogen gas. Please let me know what you think...Would love some feedback.