A Rusty Englishman. My idea for entertaining Rust episode


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Feb 17, 2017
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hello everyone, hope you're all well and the creativity keeps coming.
I have an idea for an episode or possible series, for the game Rust... Now for all of you who may not have heard of rust or played it, just know that the game can be very difficult due to it solely multiplayer gameplay and it is very tribal and seems to bring out a lot of primitive behaviour in its players... Basically if you bump into a stranger in the game, instead of saying hello or sharing pleasantries, events normally go down a road of 'it's them or me' and one of you normally ends up dead within seconds...

Well my idea is to spawn in to the game, probably on an American or Australian server, and I am going to carry out a social experiment where I approach people as a stereotypical Englishman complete with accent, attitude and pleasantries... I am interested to see just how the other players react... Some will no doubt shoot on sight, but I had a quick trial at doing this a few days back and I recieved a surprising amount of friendliness in return and a few laughs too, I was also given a surprising amount of resources, tools and weapons too and an offer to have a base built for me... This kind of behaviour is unheard of in rust. I feel that I can make this kind of thing very entertaining and very funny. Would anyone here be at all interested to watch such a thing... What do you think I could possibly add or take away.... Thank you