1. O

    Possible idea for better Ads

    What if the non skip ads that are like 30 seconds long or more only appeared on videos that are 5 min or more? It's annoying when I see an ad that's like 40 seconds non skippable only to find out the video itself is like 1-2 min. The other idea I had was something like Hulu does. They have like...
  2. javacentral

    Videos about coffee ideas?

    So I've made videos about coffee killing people, coffee in different countries, reviewing coffee, and mixing gross stuff in coffee. I'm open to expanding on these ideas already but I'm open to any other ideas for a video that I haven't thought of yet.
  3. Kolbee Squire

    Any video ideas?

    I only have a internal webcam which is low quality, a laptop, and a green screen. Any ideas are welcome just keep what I have in mind.
  4. Michael Lebert

    "The Warriors" Movie 1979 Short Film

    Is anyone familiar with the movie "The Warriors" filmed or released in 1979? I know they had a video game out but I don't want to play it because I know it's different than the movie. So I've watched this movie multiple times and learned a lot about the movie. I like this movie a lot. I had the...
  5. Ballistic

    New idea, need feedback!

    If you guys haven't seen one of my more recent videos, Its' called "kicked form faze". That video did so well compared to my other ones, and I was wondering If I should maybe milk the faze clan name for views, and do another video that would be about me reading the faze members Instagram comments?
  6. Kyra McKinley


    Hey so I'm graduating and I'm having a party and all this Saturday for it in Fresno Ca one message me if interested maybe and two I'm thinking about Vlogging it and all Should I? If I do should I do the entire thing or just a bunch of videos through out it and put them together or?? Just...
  7. josephcarson0

    Sooo I Had An Idea..

    I have this idea for facebook kinda like a group where everyone shares content on THERE OWN personal facebook to help each other grow.. Good idea? if you have any ideas please share them, I would love to hear from you!
  8. DarkBolt

    Pokemon Go Video

    I need more ideas for future videos. I upload daily. Anything you want me to play or you want to hear I will do. Please suggest something. I just posted a pokemon go video and that is kind of the type of videos I will be doing
  9. O

    Promoting YouTubers. Need opinions

    I thought of this idea and was curious what other YouTubers thought. Who would be interested in me creating a dedicated YouTube Channel promoting other YouTubers along with a blog for these YouTubers? Obviously we would have to figure out the logistics with copyright etc. But I really want...
  10. Puck Mitchell

    Brainstorm GO!

    So what idea hasn't been done. With thousands of videos uploaded around the world every hour. What new idea can compete. Sure in a years time you can grow a fanbase of 1k or so. Appreciate the hard work, I was once there and now I'm starting over due to personal reasons, however, I know now how...
  11. MickTurtleSoup

    New Idea and Opportunity

    Hi everyone, Hope you are well! I posted a channel update to explaining my original idea for a YouTube channel and my limitations on why I did not pursue that. It will provide a platform for people to show off their skills and creativity and also provide opportunities for collaborations...
  12. Kxmier

    Collaborating with each other.

    Does anyone with 50 subscribers or less and or more than 50 want to collaborate with me so we both could help each other out and gain subs or maybe even a group collab . It helps out your channel and mine massively , But other than that have an amazing day! xD
  13. 4

    Fun, but Risky Film Idea

    Hi, I am Jacob, Founder of the YouTube Channel 4 Dudes And A Camera Films. I had a idea, but would take so much work to do, so I am doing this thread for entertainment. So, the film idea is to make a musical, but with Artist's album as the song. Example: I would fit a story to have Fall Out...
  14. sophiekk

    video ideas

    YO, wassup? Do any of you have video ideas for me? i like doing; types of (whatever and skits:P THANKS <3
  15. FatalAti

    New Idea for Gaming Channel 2 masks

    Hey guys I just opened a channel named Fatalati and had an idea of putting on a scary Japanese red mask whenever I can´t pass a level and at the background there would be heavy metal music going on while i pass that level on "FATAL Mode". So here are 2 masks that i might buy which one should i...
  16. themoosan

    Moosan Movie video idea

    hi, I've got a video idea and idk if its a good one. it is that every month i make a stupid "movie" about 5-10 minutes long, they will be comedy and not very serious! sometimes i will get some other people into my video as well! if you want to see how my videos will be then check out my latest...
  17. J

    New channel, new ideas.. Hold on!

    Hello everybody! I got little question to people who are already into YouTube vlogs, movies, all this kinda stuff. I'm moving out to LA closely soon right after school graduate. YouTube's on my mind for bit longer time and it still remains its existence in my aspirations that I'm gonna begin...
  18. GottaCatchDimal

    Funny life story ideas!

    Currently I'm making videos about my life. Not just my normal life, but weird things that have happened to me or things that I hate in my daily life. I've made videos about my college experiences, how much I hate mosquitoes, and my hate of picky eaters. These videos include real stories that...
  19. ApexTV

    Got any Top 10 Video Ideas?

    Hello YTTalk, we are running a little short on top 10 video ideas and would love to hear what you guys come up with. Our channel, ApexTV, makes countdown vids and would like to create some new top 10 videos so thanks in advance! The video ideas don't have to be original
  20. Crimes Against Cinema

    Possible Entertaining Episode Idea; Is it good?

    Hey guys! So I'm new here and I've made myself welcome in the "Introduce Yourself" forum and such, but to clarify in order to try in explain my idea: my YouTube channel is a group of friends and me watching bad movies and talking about why they are just horrid. We break things down and try to...
  21. KiddoWave

    What do you think about this idea?

    Releasing a freestyle song every Tuesday, it will be a series titled "TuneTuesdays". I would put my music over some popular gameplay and other days do my commentary videos! Do you think it's a good idea?
  22. ninja-boyz

    Gaming Does ANYONE have a good idea for collaboration on PC?

    I have a PC that's not too advanced, but it's above average. I was thinking of doing a Mincraft thing but I don't know if my schedule would work out with others. I also do lots of Pokemon and Digital art, and I'm not really sure how I could do that with another person and use that to be able to...
  23. PeePodd

    Are the memes too strong? Your imput

    Hey guys So have never really experienced what they call a script The others and I have always just improved it all as we go a along. I am wondering if this is apparent. I would like the videos to be bit off the wall, out of the ordinary but I don't want to give off the vibe that we are "RANUM...