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Sep 1, 2014
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YouTube recently launched clips so that users can enable a feature to share small portions of their videos that link back to the video itself. What if YouTube allowed this feature to be used for reactions, lyric videos, remixes, and so forth. Basically what I'm getting at is this.

1. User wants to turn a song into a remix

2. They clip the entire song from the original user

3. The clip is then embedded into the remixed version

This way the original version from the artist's youtube channel is playing from the original uploaded song/video with the new elements of the remixer.

This would get rid of content ID claims/possible strikes as the original uploaded video/song would be getting views with the same revenue.

This would in turn work for reactions as well where the video the user is reacting to is played in the corner of the reaction video but the source of this video is from the clipped portion of the original uploader.

Hope I'm making sense through all of this but this would be very similar to the duet feature TikTok has