I run a Sims youtube channel where I create sims music videos. I had took a break a year ago to focus on my thesis short film based on my sims characters. After finishing the short film and returning back to youtube, I have noticed that I no longer can come up with great video ideas for my sims videos. A part of me wants to make different content for the channel like shorts or an animated series based off the characters. I don't know how my subscribers would feel about that. I have small subscriber following of only 275. After 4 years of making sims videos, I feel like i want to do something fresh.
Look at a YouTuber named Joel. He live streamed a sims live stream and corrupted it. Maybe Sims just died out. Find a new thing like gaming, vlogging, etc..... There is more than just Sims. Sorry if this came off as rude. Just wanted to explain my point. Thanks

-Harold from Three Little Words Studios.
Do what you want to do and what makes you happy. That is really the bottom line. If you don't like something then change it :)
I agree with Brittany's advice! You should produce the kind of content that you enjoy.

If you have some fresh ideas for your channel, it could be worth it to give them a try and then you can see how your viewers respond. It could very well be the case that they, too, enjoy the new content ideas!

Best wishes!
If starting fresh is what you want to do then start fresh but if sims is still what interests you then you could always go in and make really ridiculous scenarios like a lady with 30 children or something like that!