1. helaanxo

    How often do you upload videos?

    Hey guys! As I'm just starting back up my channel I wasn't sure if I was going to have an upload schedule. I know it's good especially for subscribers as they can have an idea of when you're next going to post to give an idea of when your next video is going to be. So what is your upload...
  2. Chicken Tendies

    Feedback please <3

    Since it is the new year i would love it if some people would look and some of our stuff and give us an honest critique because I want to better the experience on all fronts of the channel. Thanks and Love from the boys at Chicken Tendies<3
  3. Liam O’Doyle

    Committing to an upload schedule

    I’ve just recently announced in a video that i’m going to upload every Sunday evening. Something i’m doing to make sure I don’t miss it, is to upload when i have time in the week as “scheduled” so it goes live by itself. I’m going to try really hard to stick to this as i think it will be a...
  4. Sally Miller

    I need some inspiration

    I run a Sims youtube channel where I create sims music videos. I had took a break a year ago to focus on my thesis short film based on my sims characters. After finishing the short film and returning back to youtube, I have noticed that I no longer can come up with great video ideas for my sims...
  5. Spaceshipcontrol

    Will people follow an over-arching plot?

    Hey everyone, I am wondering if my viewers will bother to try and follow what happens in terms of overarching story. My channel has a larger plot going on, with a mix of videos that are related or not related to that plot. I really hope that my viewers actually pay attention to that, but there...
  6. Sarah Kellysen

    Writing /Creating A Drag Queen Comedy Youtube Show Looking For Cast & Crew

    Dear Youtube Community, I am Sarah a drag queen myself who is wanting to create a youtube comedy show about these three drag queens in their 20s that live together in the gaybourhood's of California and go out into the world as everyday drag queens experiencing life. This is a show to show the...
  7. Sirmsudge125

    Draw my life planning help?!

    hey guys, I'm fairly new here so I apologise if this is been brought up before! I would love to make a draw my life video but I don't entirely know how to plan and logistically record the drawing and recording the sound, or do them separate like a narration over a video. My videos are all video...
  8. TechSquizz

    Script Length = On Screen Minutes!

    Hi Peoples, We have just started using a teleprompter and we must say its amazing! helped us so much. But it has introduced a little mono tone at times and loss of character. But what we have found is its good for keeping the tempo up and consistent. But what we have found in our last two...