Writing /Creating A Drag Queen Comedy Youtube Show Looking For Cast & Crew

Dear Youtube Community,

I am Sarah a drag queen myself who is wanting to create a youtube comedy show about these three drag queens in their 20s that live together in the gaybourhood's of California and go out into the world as everyday drag queens experiencing life. This is a show to show the real life of a drag queen as I have experienced myself and that they can be normal people like everyone else too. I have written a pilot for this show already. This is going to be a collaboration show.

I am in need of a cast and crew of who would like to participate in this if you would feel free to leave a reply below and leave your email, I will get to you ASAP.

The people I need:
  • 3-4 Comedic Writers
  • Maybe one person as a co cast director with me
  • Someone to be an acting coach
  • 2 Drag Queen Actors/Actresses
  • A few people willing to guest star
  • Maybe one co editor