1. Ciren

    Gaming Minecraft/Roblox Collaboration

    I'm a small YouTuber looking for a few people to collaborate with. You don't have to have a certain personality or anything, just as long as you're friendly. I don't have many subscribers, so I don't mind if you don't have many either. I usually make videos on Minecraft, Roblox and The Sims. You...
  2. Kaytonix

    Wanting honest opinions on my channel!

    Hello everyone! My name is Kaytonix! I'm currently creating pokemon and sims 4 content! My channel just shy of being a month old! I would really love some honest feed back on my videos! Is the content entertaining? Are the thumbnails attention grabing? Anything I need to improve on? Thank you so...
  3. Sally Miller

    I need some inspiration

    I run a Sims youtube channel where I create sims music videos. I had took a break a year ago to focus on my thesis short film based on my sims characters. After finishing the short film and returning back to youtube, I have noticed that I no longer can come up with great video ideas for my sims...
  4. D

    Gaming Looking for Collaborators! (16+)

    (deleting content for privacy reasons)
  5. KantoGaming

    New intro

    Hey guys! I uploaded part three of my Sims 4 Gray current household and its the first video that has my new intro! If you can check it out that would be awesome!
  6. DanDaSimmer

    To Restart or Rebrand?

    Hey YouTubers, So the channel I run on YouTube I have had since 2008, and in a sense has grown along with me. What started out as a Sims video channel transgressed into an animation channel, then a vlog channel and now it's found its most success as being back to a Sims gaming channel. I am...
  7. FerretsCantGame

    Disney's 101 Dalmatian Challenge! Woof!

    Here's part 48 to my series. My goal is to have 101 dalmatians in one given household and 10 of the dogs must learn all the main tricks to complete the challenge. Right now im in the 60's. Nothing like the 100 puppy challenge since I'll be keeping every single puppy. Cruella de Vil Features in...
  8. S

    Request [FREE] Channel art?

    Hey could someone possibly make me a banner for my channel? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just stylish and says "SneezySims" as the main header. [FREE] I will give credit, by the way.
  9. beotheorcqueen

    the Sims 4 - creating super cute Sims straight from Equestria!

    Hi guys! Yesterday I've decided to give a try to Adobe Premiere Pro CC (since it's free for 30 days why not...) and I edited my video in it. Maybe you would like to check it? ♥ I know I have to work on intro/outro and sound, because it's not good as it's now... Maybe you have any tips how I can...
  10. ProfKranc

    Moving to the City - CITY B*TCH A Rom-Com Comedy Series

    From the amazingly talented TheElonianCass comes: CITY B*TCH! An amazing animated Rom-com in the spirit of “Apartment 23”. Made entirely from the Sims 2 comes with Machinima! I would seriously suggest you give it a watch and this isn't just because I voice one of the characters :) Watch City...