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Chrononaut, time traveler
name of show: FLUX
time keeper, the zordon of the series

(Prop: back to the future flux capacitor watch available on ebay)

flux watch - 3 button system, you press the first button to tell watch when in time you wanna go
(date, time and place)

watch responds accepting the information it was given by its host, when mission is
complete host must say it to watch and it will instantly transport host back to the
point the chrononaut was alerted of the change
(it only responds to its hosts voice or time keepers voice)

in order to travel you must run and watch activates

watch protects and alerts you from and of time anamolies like worm holes or changes
made in the timeline
(side effects you can not die of old age because you exist outside of time)

second button allows you to communicate with time keeper

third button allows you to see where in the time line the change or anamoly

timeline - theres only one timeline to protect, any changes made replaces the original timeline
from the point of change

rules - time keeper chooses people who are out of time, meaning a second away from death. he
explains what he does and what the job entales and if the person refuses then they go
back to the moment they last left off. if they accept they obviously get saved and must
protect the timeline from time pirates, falselords, wormholes, religious cults and more.

anyone interested in helping making a good series?