I need your opinion...


Hey there guys, and well as you've seen in the title of the thread, I'm in need of your opinion on an idea I have for a video... Anyways I want to do a challenge video with a friend of mine, but he doesn't speak english and my channel is in english... So I was thinking of doing the video in czech (our both native language :D) and putting english subtitles in it... What do you guys think about that? Do you think it will be enjoyable to watch or just a waste of time? Let me know :D
Does your friend understand spoken english? You might speak english and let him reply in czech and subtitle his lines. It should save you a bit of work in post production and mantain the english speaking nature of your channel.
I might have to ask him bc I'm not sure about that lol but thanks a lot, I actually didn't think of that ^^
I think the subtitle idea is great !! That way, you have the option for your czech audience to watch but also english and other english speakers to watch :)
I'm glad for that :D that's what I was thinking as well just wanted to have other people's opinions on it :D[DOUBLEPOST=1476542028,1476541942][/DOUBLEPOST]
You could challenge each other to speak each others language!
Well we are both czech so that'll be a bit pointless haha but you just might come up with an insane idea for other challenge :D
I think that's great! It's a terrific solution to getting your friend into your video.
thanks, I'm actually surprised it received so much possitive feedback :D and I feel like videos with friends are more interesting then videos by yourself, so that's why I'm trying to figure this out haha