1. T

    Would you like to have a clone of yourself?

    What would you do with him or her? Find out the pros and cons of human cloning in the video. Don’t miss it! #humancloning #youtuber #debate
  2. Shanahan

    Vlog Creating A New Show, Looking For Guest Stars

    Soon I will be creating a new show similar to Smosh Game's "Why We're Single" and am looking for anyone that would want to appear as guest stars, and maybe recurring guests. Must have a decent microphone/audio and webcam. All channels welcome, big or small, new or old :)
  3. Slumpy5

    Commentary Discourse: A debate/conversation based Talk Show

    So I've noticed a huge problem online, and that is that a lot of people aren't willing to have a civilized debate/conversation with someone that has a different opinion than them. Similarly to what Jubilee does, I want to start a series that is a non-formal debate/conversation between...
  4. C

    Commentary Anyone interested in politics?

    im from the uk and have a political channel. Looking to debate either brexit trump or anything your interested in a live stream.
  5. rdavey14

    Commentary Major World News Debating Podcast

    I'm interested in starting a podcast where people from different backgrounds and viewpoints discuss major world news or articles they have found. Thanks for your time. Comment here, add me on Skype : AGamersSaga or Discord : A Gamers Saga. If messaging, please let me know you are from here...
  6. Gene Livingston


    Hey guys! I started this debate series and would love if you guys weighed in! Subscribe and Comment that you are from YTTalk, would love to collaborate with you guys!
  7. rdavey14

    Commentary Major World News Discussion / Debate , Multinational Group

    I was thinking of setting up a podcast in which people would chose a few news articles that interested them , they would be discussed either during a small session once a week or a large section once a month (for now). I was hoping to have as many people from different countries as possible , I...
  8. S

    Other Need a debaters!!!

    I have various debates that i am planning, i would like to allow anyone who wants to participate, the ability to do so! Please fill out this link if you are interested!!!
  9. Puck Mitchell

    Brainstorm GO!

    So what idea hasn't been done. With thousands of videos uploaded around the world every hour. What new idea can compete. Sure in a years time you can grow a fanbase of 1k or so. Appreciate the hard work, I was once there and now I'm starting over due to personal reasons, however, I know now how...
  10. YourNameHere

    What is going on with all this YouTube drama?

    Hey guys, Just wanted to get a discussion started, I don't really know what my opinions are on this topic. I was wondering what you guys thought about the rise of YouTube drama? There are news channels that are all about highlighting mistakes and drama that happens in the community now, and it...
  11. Julius Gacgacao

    Good grades = good future???

    Do you think grades in school will affect your future? Ok so my parents think that if you have good grades you will have a good future. Here are my Dad's exact words "If you have the good grades the job will come right away." But I tried explaining to them that my dream is to be a filmmaker...