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Hey, y'all! My name is Ari, and I have a proposition for you.

Four years ago, I created an online ”magazine” through a writing website called Quotev. Journalists fluctuate, and we hardly reached two hundred readers before it ended in 2017. Yet the experience has led me to crave that kind of collaboration-- people with different talents and interests coming together under one name and working towards the same goal from various perspectives. This is why, at the beginning of this year, I sought to create a ”global collaboration” called Sonder.

Originally, Sonder was planned to be only a blog, but I see so much more potential for this. But you're probably thinking one this right now: what even is it?

About Us

Sonder is a blog that was created to give a voice to the generations of tomorrow. Our goal at Sonder is to educate mainstream on topics many do not wish to discuss, as well as help people open their minds to other cultures and ways of life. We are also here to help each other improve our skills and ourselves. We hold no political agenda; our mission is to merely shed light on the problems of today so that they can become distant memories of yesterday.

As it states on our website's ABOUT page:

Sonder is a world blog that encompasses several different topics. To begin, we discuss global issues, government, and law-- essentially the political side of the news. On another note, we go over media-- that is, forms of entertainment (such as literature, music, social media, movies and television), advertising and propaganda. Furthermore, we write about the world-- events, controversies, and other happenings.

Sonder is a place to connect people around the world with one goal-- to be heard. Any type of creator is invited: writers, artists, musicians, screenwriters, gamers, personalities, vloggers, etc etc. If you have anything you would like to share, do it through Sonder.

Please email with your name/alias, channel (if you have one), age and what you would like to do.