1. DearDarcy

    Whats your most embarrassing filming moment?

    So i thought i would start this thread because it could be interesting! :D Whats been your most embarrassing moment either when filming or meeting fans etc? Ill start off - when i was livestreaming Counterstrike (game with guns basically) i remember having a grenade thrown at me and i started...
  2. Rquerd

    Twitch Question

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there's a website where they make twitch panels and art for an affordable price. I know there's fiverr but I just want to see if there were any more places.
  3. SharSjar

    When things get weird! Twitch [SharSjar]

    When things get weird? Yeah, in the past some weird things happened on my twitch and in this video I will be telling you what that strange thing was. Hope you can take the time to check it out! :)
  4. Surrendead

    Horror Night, am I late for Halloween? - Hide and Shriek

    Some recorded gameplay that i streamed to twitch, sorry for the poor audio and video quality, as always let me know how it is!
  5. YardieGyalGames

    Bottom of my videos have weird wavy magnified look to them?.. :/

    Okay so I have a bit of a problem and i have no idea how to fix it so i was hoping someone who is experienced can help me out. I use my Xbox One DVR to record my gameplay through twitch so i can record large chunks of footage at once. But the thing is when i watch the footage back maybe like...
  6. BearlyFit

    Gaming PC Gamer collab and perm group

    Hey whats going on guys and girls? My name is BearlyFit or just Bear and today i come to you in search of some amazing people who want to be apart of a collab group. I already have the group established but we are looking for memebers who are active frequently and casn play for prolonged periods...
  7. Ninja

    I desperately need feedback on my channel!

    I've been working hard on getting my Twitch channel up and running, but while doing so, my channel has seemed to take a slight decline in views and subscribers. Is there anything that I could improve to fix this? Please let me know, I can take harsh criticism!
  8. Ninja

    HAND JOB TIPS | Twitch Stream Highlights

    Leave a 'LIKE', all the cool kids are doing it! You're cool right? Watch Live:
  9. BeautyByCat

    Your Favorite Streamers?

    Hi guys! Just curious on who your favorite streamers on Twitch are? I wanna watch more people and I think it's fun to watch streams. Right now I am watching Prinsessefrida (literally as I type this I am watching her stream xD) I also like to watch Chromacy and nescaughtfire33. Of course they're...
  10. Branden Morales


  11. C

    Request Branding Needed

    Hello, I'm looking to get some branding done for my YouTube & Twitch channels, plus Facebook, Google+ pages, and Twitter account. This would include: Intro & outro video Avatar/logo Banners/headers Slide-In BRB, Offline, Starting Soon and Chat screens (Twitch) Overlay (Twitch + certain...
  12. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Minecraft (PS4) Creative Sunday Live Stream

  13. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Garry's Mod (PC) Live Stream | Joinable Game If You Like

    I am trying to get used to this game
  14. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Neverwinter (PS4) | Dungeon & Dragons Live Stream

    This is a really good game
  15. Anjim

    Don't Put Your Wishlist On Youtube And Other Channels Rant

    I can't stand doing this!
  16. KantoGaming

    Streaming on Twitch to help your channel?

    I was wondering what everyone's opinions are on streaming. Especially on twitch. Are there many of you who have YouTube channels and use twitch as a way to gain more followers and then advertise your channel? Or do you think twitch and YouTube should be two different things?
  17. Anjim

    Mortal Kombat XL (PS4) Live Stream

    Me playing towers and try to play online
  18. Anjim

    Life Is Strange (PS4) Live Stream

    Part 2 is coming up next week
  19. Anjim

    Does Donatations To Youtube And Twitch Channels Help You?

    The question is that are donation help you or it's a scam?
  20. Anjim

    Sonic the Hedgehog Games 1- 3 (Mega Drive) Live Stream

    Happy 25th Anniversary Sonic
  21. Anjim

    My Facebook page and Twitter

    If you want to get updates on Youtube and show some love. Here is my twitter and facebook
  22. adhdzombieslayer

    youtube vs twitch live streaming

    I was wondering what are the pros and cons for live streaming on twitch and youtube which one do you prefer and why?
  23. Bakon Gamor

    Feedback on a compilation!

    Check out my latest compilation! and check out the stream which will start at 8pm EST on Twitch at GamingMachineStream
  24. FestusFX

    "Streaming" YouTube Vs Twitch

    Twitch is really well-known for streaming but you can also stream on your YouTube channel. But if I want to gain a few subs or something, what is the best place to stream ? Is twitch easier or YouTube ? If you have some good info plz tell me :)
  25. Nathan Greaves

    LIVE! Fallout - Building an Evil Lair

    Hey so were currently streaming (as i write this) building an evil lair on fallout using a few cheeky mods, would appreciate some of you lovely people showing some support :P
  26. Puck Mitchell

    I'm streaming Dark Souls 3 PvP on twitch right now!

    Hey guys come check me out on twitch!!
  27. DigiCorner

    Request Banner for Twitch

    Hi. I am looking for someone to create a banner for my Twitch channel. I am willing to pay with real money through PayPal for the work. No budget but won't pay ridiculous prices lol. I'd like the banner to include some of my own images and be a color that contrasts well with my logo as twitch...
  28. Morpheus0316

    The Walking Dead Season 1 Live Stream

    Hey guys this is Morpheus coming at you with a new stream tonight 1030PM EST streaming The Walking Dead Season 1 my favorite game by Telltale games! Twitch
  29. Morpheus0316

    Final Fantasy VII Session #4 Busing out of Shinra

    Hey guys this is your boy morpheus and I will be streaming Final Fantasy VII on my twitch channel. Now I do upload my streams to my youtube channel just in case you are not able to make it! Stream starts 11:50PM tonight it's late cause of real life girlfriend and not every stream is super late...
  30. JiROo°

    Gaming [PC,NextGen,LastGen,Retro] [ENG/GER] Looking for youtube & livestream members for regular content

    Hi, im JiROo° from vienna. 22 years old and im currently looking for friendy, relaxed but active members that are not shy but not to hyperactive. A few years ago friends, my ex and me wanted to make a interactive gaming/movie/music community with youtube and twitch activity with events and...