Gaming Looking for Members to Join Siike Gaming


Siike Gaming is currently looking for YouTube/Streamers that plays competitively in Fortnite and Rainbow Six Seige! If you're interested please reply with your Epic Games, PSN, or Discord (If you play pc or xbox) Here is the requirements for all teams!

-1.2 + K/D
- Must know how to build and build battle
- Must be competitive and eager to do tournaments
- Must be a streamer or content creator (unless you are willing to learn to do)
- Must be hardworking and positive (No Toxic. We treat everyone as family)
- Must be 17 years or older
- Must be active during the week
- From NA East and NA West

-1.0 K./D
- Positive attitude and no toxic.
- Must be a streamer or content creator
- Must be 18 tears or older
- Must be willing to learn from other players as well as teaching
- Must be active during the week

We will have either the leader of Siike Gaming, manager of siike, or captain of the teams to messaged you.

Siike Jokerz - Leader and player for fortnite
Siike Shadow - Manager of team
Siike Taber - Rainbow Six Captain