1. P

    Gaming Looking for a collab for Fortnite videos

    Hi everyone, I am a female streamer, 26 years old and looking for people to collab with. My main game at the moment is Fortnite. I've been streaming on twitch for over a year and just started posting videos on youtube. I am currently at 43 subs. Would like to find some people to make Fortnite...
  2. O

    I just hit 100 subs today can people plz help me reach my goal of 300

    Here’s a link to my channel plz help me hit my goal of 300 can return
  3. S

    Gaming Fortnite Montage

    please like and sub if u wanna cause i worked hard on it. i am a complete bot
  4. firestonemander

    Gaming I am looking for a group of people to collaborate on fortnite,minecraft or Among us

    I am looking for a group of people to collaborate on Fortnite, Minecraft or Among us my discord name is firestonemander#3534 just message me here if you are inter rested
  5. YTMillsey


    Hey everyone here is my most recent video I'd like to be reviewed currently no commentary as new headset is on route to delivery after breaking last one. latest video Please also check out my channel, give my about me a read, look at recent video thumbnails and channel art and give me...
  6. I

    Gaming Looking for Fortnite youtubers to collaborate with

    Hello, my channel name is IAmSaltyYT and I currently have 34 subscribers. I post Fortnite and COD Warzone content so if any of you play those games and want to collaborate reply to this thread. Thanks, <3.
  7. GameCable

    Request I need Fortnite thumbnails that are like Ninjas for something in Fortnite

    You read the title, the specific request is the ghost Agent Peely on a yellow pipe which is above the water, he is pointing a gun at another person (doesnt matter which skin). Im happy to give away a glider, emote, wrap of music for making it.
  8. X

    Gaming collaboration with a group

    Hey everyone, Im looking for a group of people maybe 4 or 5 to collab with consistently not just for once so we can call ourselves a group. The games that I play are gta, fifa20, fortnite, rainbow, rocket league, Cod infinite warfare. Looking forward to hearing from someone.
  9. HeadRock


    Hey guys, My name is HeadRock and I have been doing YouTube seriously for about a year now. One thing I have noticed is working with other people and other channels seem to boost you a lot. I am looking for another channel. Preferably 500 plus subs to Collab with on a Fortnite video. I know...
  10. FlipsideFPS

    Gaming Looking for Fortnite (Preferably PC, NAE) YouTube Collab.

    Hi, fellow gamers! Flipside here! If you are reading this, odds are you play fortnite and are looking/willing to do a collaboration. Why do this? It benefits both of us. We link each other's channels, and we will quickly gain more views/subs that we all need. Now, I will admit, I am a small...
  11. A

    Gaming Looking for someone to make a couple of gaming videos and streams with.

    Hi guys, I'm just getting back into Youtube and Twitch and would love someone to collaborate with to have fun and help grow each others channels. I'm 19 so preferably no one under the age of 16 and that's about it really. Here's my Youtube and Twitch if you wanna check them out before replying :)
  12. MrCanadianDude

    Gaming Fortnite YouTube Squads Group!

    Looking for people to become friends with and in the mornings we can play some matches of Fortnite and I can record our games, need funny and hilarious gameplays, so all I ask is that I'm looking for people with great personalities and that are very funny! Contact me if you are interested! Have...
  13. S

    Gaming Pc, Minecraft, fortnite or rainbow six siege

    Yh I just wanna collab, I have 65 subs when I’m writing this thread and 4000 views
  14. Drywinner

    Gaming (XBOX)Looking for a people to collab and each others channel with!!

    Hey everyone. I have made a few youtube channels throughout the years that have gotten no where and i have decided to dedicate a lot of my time to this channel i have the now which i have had for about a 10 months. I am looking for people to collab with on any of the following games(these are...
  15. Splashazard

    100 subscribers! #roadto200subs

    Made it to 100 subscribers! Wish me luck to 200!
  16. P

    Gaming Do you want to play Fortnite together?

    Anybody wants to play Fortnite with me on a video and just have fun to exchange subs tell me! :) Requirements: Channel built around Fortnite with @500 subs and 50-100 views per video.
  17. FamousTheSnOOpy

    Gaming Floor is Lava Ltm!

    Little gaming clip I made.
  18. S

    Gaming Looking for fellow youtube content creator for fortnite / other games PS4/PC

    Hi Everyone, I'm Strahan or to my very small channel community Strayhan Warrior. I'm 27 and from England, I have recently started a youtube gaming channel and am looking to network and grow my channel. I'm still finding my feet with the video's im putting out but I have plenty of ideas for...
  19. A

    How can i get 1000 subs on youtube?

    I've been doing youtube for a little while now and have not seen much of a growth in subs/views. My goal is to someday reach 1000 subs, what are some great tips for reaching that goal? My youtube channel is Averagemike, the profile pic is a Yoshi egg, if you see my profile, you can see that I...
  20. Frost Titan Gaming


    My name is Frost Titan I NEED YOUR HELP!! :help: Recently ive been looking for gamers to collab with who are able to buy some games and make videos with. I am looking for people who play: - Minecraft (hide an seek, bedwars, adventure maps) - Ultimate Chicken Horse - Gang Beasts -VR games...
  21. T

    Gaming looking for small youtube group (Pc)

    Hello I want to start up my youtube channel again, i want to start or join a group of people to create funny and awesome content. I have a youtube channel with 1.2k Subs and 13k views (i did private most of my content for a fresh start) Youtube- Tylerharding69 I play Fortnite, cod ww2, gta v...
  22. T

    Gaming Looking for PC gaming crew

    hello my name is Tyler and I want to start a gaming crew Like (Fitz, vanoss) for the following games - Fortnite - Rocket League - Cs Go - Call Of Duty WW2 - Paladins - Minecraft - Black Ops 2 - Call Of Duty Mw2 - GTA V Requirements - At least 16+ Years old - Good Mic - a Youtube channel - Good...
  23. LCGaming


    Hello Everyone, go give our giveaway video a look if you would like to win some nice Blue Light Glasses!! :)
  24. LCGaming

    DUB CITY!!!!

    Go check out our Duo dub and dont forget to like comment and sub if you'd like!! Hope you enjoy the content!!
  25. E

    Gaming Looking for Members to Join Siike Gaming

    Hello! Siike Gaming is currently looking for YouTube/Streamers that plays competitively in Fortnite and Rainbow Six Seige! If you're interested please reply with your Epic Games, PSN, or Discord (If you play pc or xbox) Here is the requirements for all teams! FORTNITE: -1.2 + K/D - Must know...
  26. T

    Gaming Looking for gaming friends (PC)

    Hello, my name is Tyler and I'm looking for some pc gaming friends to make some funny content with. Games I play... Fortnite, Rocket League, Call of duty WW2, GTA V, CS GO, Black ops 2, Paladins, Minecraft. Please contact me if you're interested on discord or on here Discord-...
  27. A


    Hey, looking to collaborate with some people on Gta V and do some races together and make videos or play Fortnite on PC and make some videos on squads or duos. I'm on ps4 and i am level 75 ish for GTA5. i have 266 subs on youtube. I have been playing Fortnite since season 1! Anyone want to...
  28. l Elite l

    Gaming Fortnite Collab

    I am a small youtuber and I want to get serious with youtube. Right after Christmas I will be making my first youtube Fortnite comedy videos right after christmas. I am looking for someone to make a Funny collab on Fortnite like Fitz or Vanoss. (13 - 17)
  29. B

    Gaming Looking for 5 people who have Fortnite on PC and have either the Floss, Fancy Feet, or Hype emote

    The title pretty much says everything, but to elaborate, I need 5 people to help me make a short little clip for an upcoming project. Everyone who helps will be credited at the end of the project. Participants must have either the Floss, Fancy Feet, or Hype emote. If you have either one of those...
  30. BuoyantYT

    Gaming Looking for ppl to collab with...

    Games: Gta5 Csgo Gmod Fortnite Golf it Content mainly: I mainly do funny moments and want ppl for GTA 5 to create amazing Funny moments gameplay Comment on my recent vid if i dont respond