1. Suprex

    Gaming Fortnite Duos

    Looking for someone who is good/decent at Fortnite. I'm tired of playing with idiots. Also looking to stream soon as well. hmu Discord: Suprex#9646
  2. xMittzi

    Gaming (PS4 + PC) Looking to do a Collab

    Hello, Im VERZY. Im 17 years old and im from Ireland. I recently revamped my channel after a long time of inactivity but now im back! Im looking to widen my contacts so we can help eachother along the way. If you are interest please leave a message, Thanks :)
  3. Rallex

    Gaming Looking for people to join our Community and grow with us!

    Hello there, my bestfriend and I are looking for people to Collaborate with us and join our Community, Currently we play Fortnite and Minecraft but we can still figure stuff out. We want to grow with people and become bestfriends with people and grow through these years on YouTube. One day we...
  4. Z


    Members must be 12-17 and good at these games: fortnite, rainbow six, rocket league and more. Every member must have ps4 and a decent mic. The amount of subscribers does'nt matter we are just looking to have a good time. Comment down below if looking to join or go to my youtube - ZincoGaming...
  5. MrJude12

    Gaming Pc/Ps4 collab

    I am looking for a funny moments group or even someone to do walkthroughs with on some cool games, I have 60 Subscribers. I try to record and make videos as often as I can. Requirements: 18+ preferably, good mic, not a D**k and has a good sense of humour Ps4: Fortnite, Ufc3, Rainbow Six...
  6. I

    Gaming Making a funny moments group (PS4)

    Hey what’s up I guess you are interested in joining a gaming group. Well I want to make a group where we can record together, grow together on YouTube and just have fun playing. I play fortnite at the moment since that’s the game that’s in right now. Requirements You must be at least 16 Years...
  7. I

    Gaming Fortnite collab (PS4)

    Looking for some one or multiple people to collab fortnite on PS4. Requirements: Over 16 years old. Must have a decent mic Must put effort into videos. That’s if not many requirements so yeah.if you are interested let me know down below and I will get back to you with more details.
  8. M

    Services Thumbnail's and Banners For a Shoutout

    FREE GFX FOR SHOUTOUT Hey guys Im basically doing thumbnails for a shoutout. I can do some very good thumbnails for your channel or instagram/twitter. I can also do intro's and outro's but for that I would be charging $0.25 for each into/outro and if its something very hard then the most I would...
  9. B

    Gaming Looking for Collabs On PS4 (Fortnite)

    whats you guys looking for some people to collab with on fortnite, also check out my youtube : BillyyA99 and my ps4 id is BillyyA99 leave a reply and let me know cheers
  10. J

    Gaming Looking for collaborations of friends

    so... I started my channel around 2 weeks ago. And so I don't have a lot of subscribers. But I post daily and work hard to get videos out there. I am not looking for anyone specific really. Just people I can work with, you don't have to be funny, you just need to be charismatic. I play on the...
  11. S

    Gaming Gaming group, PS4 only sorry(SpFw)

    Yooooo I’ve just started a PS4 gaming group and I’ve already got three people and they’re probably the funniest people I’ve met. We’re aiming to be a successful group, a bit like The Sidemen, our group is called SpFw (Sniping People For Wins) we all came up with this name together and it sounds...
  12. KloudGames

    Gaming Looking for Ps4 Youtube collabs for my gaming group

    my friends and i are looking for more members to record on ps4 with... it doesnt matter how many subs you have just that you are active when we are playing and that you have a good microphone, no background noise other then noise like your ps4 fan in the background the group we are inviting you...
  13. T

    Gaming Looking for a long time collaboration partner for PC games

    Requirements- •Must have a good mic. •At least 12 years old. •Have discord. •Have Fortnite, Brawlhalla, or Minecraft (I have tons more games but I would prefer if you had at least 1 of the games listed). •Have a decent pc. •Be funny. •Be active on uploading. •Have 30+ Subs. •Preferably be in EU...