Gaming Looking for Fortnite (Preferably PC, NAE) YouTube Collab.


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Hi, fellow gamers! Flipside here! If you are reading this, odds are you play fortnite and are looking/willing to do a collaboration. Why do this? It benefits both of us. We link each other's channels, and we will quickly gain more views/subs that we all need. Now, I will admit, I am a small youtuber, which is why I am looking to grow, and I'm guessing you are too. At any rate, this collaboration can be funny, serious, or even both! I am both funny and fairly good (as you can see from my channel) and am willing to focus on either. I hope you consider my offer, and I am willing to do multiple. You can contact me with further questions, or if you want to do this by responding to this post, adding me on discord (FlipsideFPS #4038), or emailing me ( Catch you on the Flipside!