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  1. FlipsideFPS

    Gaming Looking for Fortnite (Preferably PC, NAE) YouTube Collab.

    Hi, fellow gamers! Flipside here! If you are reading this, odds are you play fortnite and are looking/willing to do a collaboration. Why do this? It benefits both of us. We link each other's channels, and we will quickly gain more views/subs that we all need. Now, I will admit, I am a small...
  2. Z

    Gaming looking for people to record funny moments with

    my channel name is Advance and i have just over 100+ subscribers im 18 and fortnite is basically all i post on my channel now and i am looking for funny people to play with and make funny moments videos, if you are interested comment on this or go hit me up on twitter my username is...
  3. Jayden Garcia


    MY NEW VIDEO IS LIVE ON #YOUTUBE! You should definitely check it out if you love video games and enjoy lets plays of your favorite gaming titles, commentaries, gaming updates, tips, and more. Don't forget to like, comment, & subscribe!
  4. Jayden Garcia


    1st video of the day just went live on my Youtube channel! Soaring 50's is easily one of my favorite LTM's they have put in the game. Enjoy! :) Help me reach my 100 subscriber goal.
  5. Clip Rewind

    Gaming Have an awesome Fortnite clip?

    Hey, If you have an epic or funny clip and would love to have your content shown to more viewers, check out our YouTube channel and fill in the form in our latest videos' description for a chance to get featured!
  6. T

    Gaming Fortnite all night (PC)

    Hello I'm going to be playing fortnite all night tonight (Its already 12midnight) and tomorrow MAYBE as well. please hit me up if you are interested in joining in to grain like crazy to get wins. GT- Tylerharding69
  7. Insane Fortnite Clips

    Check out my new Fortnite Video

    just started my channel a couple weeks ago let me know what you think of my intro and outro for my video im open for suggestions, thanks.
  8. FrenchiseGaming

    Fortnite | Hilarious Sky Bases In New Game Mode!!

    Had tons of fun with this one. Go check it out and maybe win the giveaway!!
  9. B

    Gaming Fortnite Duos, PC Collab

    Hello, My name is Brite and I am starting up my youtube channel again, but wanted to find a fortnite duos partner, I almost went pro in cs:go and want to do the same for fortnite except this time record my gameplay. I usually drop over 12 to 20 kills consistently and my highest kill game was...
  10. BossHogg FGF

    *LEAKED* Challenge Guide for Fortnite Season 4 - Week 4 Challenges

    Hey Guys, I've got something special for you all! Season 4 Week 4 Challenges for Fortnite have been LEAKED and I've got the goods :). Enjoy! Search between a Bench, Ice Cream Truck, and a Helicopter - Fortnite - Week 4 Challenges (Xbox One X)
  11. FrenchiseGaming

    Fortnite Funniest Infinity Gauntlet Gameplay!

    Yo check this out, you'll gut bust at this one or at least get a chuckle! Check it out and leave feedback! And if you really liked it Subscribe and like!
  12. BossHogg FGF

    Fortnite Wins - 3 Solo Victories and 50v50 v2 Victory!!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

    Funny gameplay here with these three solo victories and a 50v50 victory. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  13. BossHogg FGF

    Fortnite Just Went Country!!!

    Fortnite meets the cotton eye joe dance with an eight kill victory :D. I hope you enjoy!
  14. Harry Smedley

    Gaming Fortnite collaboration PS4

    :yttalk:I am a small youtuber who uploads Fortnite videos and am hoping to coloaborate with some people on PS4
  15. The Insane Reaver

    Hilarious FortNite Fails with Reaver and BlackLightning!!

    What happens when you are being ridiculous Goof Balls? This happens, and I hope you all enjoy this video because it probably won't be the last one! Close your eyes and just listen at the part where BlackLightning starts to lag, PRICELESS!! Keep it CRAZY guys!!
  16. Ben young

    Gaming Fortnite collaboration Xbox one

    We are a small YouTube channel looking to grow message matt14young or burnsykiller7 on Xbox if you are interested in doing a collaboration.
  17. I

    Gaming Looking for PS4 Collabs

    Looking for people to collaborate with on PS4. I mainly play Fortnite at the moment. I only have 9 Subs but I haven’t stuck to a schedule hence why such low numbers. If you want to collab then comment below and I will get back to you asap
  18. Suprex

    Gaming Fortnite Duos

    Looking for someone who is good/decent at Fortnite. I'm tired of playing with idiots. Also looking to stream soon as well. hmu Discord: Suprex#9646
  19. The Insane Reaver

    Teaching FasterJAK3 To Play FortNite?!

    So I was playing FortNite with my buddy FasterJAK3 who has only played maybe 2 matches before! So I offered to help him learn, the part I left out of course is that I'll teach him how to be part of hilarious moments! Hope you guys enjoy this new editing style more than my drowning you in memes...
  20. The Insane Reaver

    The Luckiest player in FortNite?! - FortNite Funny Moments and Fails

    So last night I was playing some casual Squads in FortNite and I was drinking water like a FISH!! So I ended up taking a bathroom break right in the middle of a match, and this is what happened while I was gone. I have some of the WEIRDEST luck of anyone I know! Hope you guys enjoy this video...
  21. The Insane Reaver

    Star-Crossed Assassins Grab The Victory Royale!! - FortNite Battle Royale Funny and Epic Moments

    So I was just chillin playin some fortNite with Randoms last night and I came across BroadPup!! We took a page out of Negan's book and we SHUT THAT S**T DOWN!! No Exceptions! And we had a GREAT time doing that too! Hope you all enjoy this video and come back for more! Keep it CRAZY guys!!
  22. I

    Gaming Making a funny moments group (PS4)

    Hey what’s up I guess you are interested in joining a gaming group. Well I want to make a group where we can record together, grow together on YouTube and just have fun playing. I play fortnite at the moment since that’s the game that’s in right now. Requirements You must be at least 16 Years...
  23. I

    Gaming Fortnite collab (PS4)

    Looking for some one or multiple people to collab fortnite on PS4. Requirements: Over 16 years old. Must have a decent mic Must put effort into videos. That’s if not many requirements so yeah.if you are interested let me know down below and I will get back to you with more details.
  24. The Insane Reaver

    Never Try To Climb The Siege Towers!! - FortNite Battle Royale Funny Moments and Fails

    Just a little FortNite Battle Royale video to amuse you with the dumbest and funniest fails and moments from last nights grind!! Hope you all enjoy and have a GREAT WEEK! Keep it CRAZY guys!!