1. FlipsideFPS

    Gaming Looking for Fortnite (Preferably PC, NAE) YouTube Collab.

    Hi, fellow gamers! Flipside here! If you are reading this, odds are you play fortnite and are looking/willing to do a collaboration. Why do this? It benefits both of us. We link each other's channels, and we will quickly gain more views/subs that we all need. Now, I will admit, I am a small...
  2. Danielfirth

    Request Looking for a skilled GFX designer [FREE]

    Hello YTTalk Community! I am looking for a skilled GFX designer who would be able to create me some amazing graphical work for my YouTube channel! My channel is fairly new and I am wanting to vamp it up to make it look more professional and appealing to new people! The ideas that i have are...