Gaming Recruitment for new CSGO/COD clan


Hey, if you clicked on this that means you want to be a part of a larger network of youtubers and grow your channel while having fun. This clan is your chance to get in early on a fast growing group of youtubers. Me and a couple of other youtubers have decided to come together and form a clan that we all post to and co-ordinate in.

What does this mean for your channel? This allows you to help your channel grow at a lot faster pace, and allows you to collaborate with many other youtubers at the same time.

Requirements, at the moment we are looking for csgo and cod players and we will be focusing on Frag Videos, Team gameplay, and competative play. That does not limit you to these things and we welcome all new ideas. Each member is expected to post a video to the CLan page atleast once every 2 weeks, that can be negotiated and isnt really crucial. We are looking for people with a motivation to succeed in youtube and who really want to "blow up" and grow their subscribers through hard work not gimicks.

If you are serious about growing your channel hit me up in the comments and we can talk :p