1. T

    Need opinions regarding videos discussing game leaks/rumors. (Ethics, etc)

    I'm a big call of duty fan, and video game fan in general. Theres a huge amount of hype around the game and discussions on new weapons in the game, speculation on future games, updates to the Battle Royale, etc. I'm sort of torn, because while I recognize that people want to discuss these...
  2. X

    Gaming collaboration with a group

    Hey everyone, Im looking for a group of people maybe 4 or 5 to collab with consistently not just for once so we can call ourselves a group. The games that I play are gta, fifa20, fortnite, rainbow, rocket league, Cod infinite warfare. Looking forward to hearing from someone.
  3. Drez

    Gaming Looking for small YouTubers to collaborate with (PS4 and PC)

    Hello there everyone. I'm looking to go back to making YouTube videos again. Currently, I have like 35 subscribers or something from a couple years ago (I know, I'm huge amirite?). I cleaned up my channel and deleted a lot of videos that clustered up the channel and looking to (re)start. The...
  4. B

    Gaming Black Ops 4 Funny Moments PC

    Hey I would like to create a epic group of friends to play black ops 4 and other games from time to time. requirements: decent mic discord(mine is Px Bakarainic#7619) funny 13 or above (im 14 btw)
  5. Onestep34

    finally hit 2.1k Subs! (gaming channel)

    hey guys Onestep here! small growing YouTuber who has a passion for video games and video editing! My channel is already blowing up and getting awesome support from current subscribers and would of course appreciate any additional support! please feel to check it out guys especially if you love...
  6. G

    Gaming PS4 Player looking for some guys to record and have fun!

    Hey guys, I'm GamesLikesFraschy, I now have 73 subs and an elgato to record gameplay on my PS4, Ive been working on videos and getting better at editing, I really wanna get more people to collab on funny moments videos on GTA, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. My group...
  7. G

    Gaming PS4 Player Looking to have Fun and Make Something People Enjoy, Similar to Vanoss

    Hey guys, I'm GamesLikesFraschy, I now have 70 subs and an elgato to record gameplay on my PS4, Ive been working on videos and getting better at editing, I really wanna get more people to collab on funny moments videos on GTA, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. My group...
  8. G

    Gaming Comedic Gaming Collaborations

    Hey guys, I'm GamesLikesFraschy, I now have 67 subs and an elgato to record gameplay on my PS4, Ive been working on videos and getting better at editing, I really wanna get more people to collab on funny moments videos on GTA, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield, and Call of Duty. My group...
  9. Reag4n

    Gaming Hi, i'm Looking For a Collab and a Good Time, How About You?

    Hi, My name is Reag4n (pronounced Ray-gan), and I am looking for fellow youtubers to collaborate with. Possible Games: Team Fortress 2 (my favorite), Call of Duty: World at War, Minecraft, Fortnite, Terraria, or Cs:Go Requirements: Relatively Good PC (not choppy when recording),Over 12+ Years...
  10. M

    Gaming Looking for Collab on Fortnite, Cod, Etc...( PS4 )

    Hey guys, Im starting up a brand new channel and I am looking for some others to collab with for videos. I’m 16 and I have experience as I previously had a channel with 1k subs but I stopped posting to it. I love playing cod, especially zombies as I am almost master prestige and make sure to do...
  11. KattyMeel

    Gaming Looking for people to join our Xbox recording group or people just to collab with.

    Hi, I started my channel a while ago but have been unable to really progress because I’m not a huge fan of solo games and no one I know really plays much. Recently, I have a few videos prepared which I’ll be posting in the next few weeks so although my channel doesn’t look like much now, soon...
  12. E


    New online battle i did with alot of rage and swearing.
  13. JBR27

    Call of Duty Black Ops 3 - Fails and Wall Snipes

    I love playing some Black Ops 3 with the boys and we just love to have a good time doing it. Plenty of banter leads to many fails and amazing moments. Check out this video with some fails and sick wall snipes that the boys didn't think I could get. Also a sneaky bit of RC XD trolling and fails...
  14. J

    Gaming Looking for a WW2 Crew

    Hey, I'm just starting my channel and im looking for some PS4 WW2 players to make videos with. If interested, message me, or add my PSN, JasonSchaefer1
  15. H

    Gaming Looking for PS4 youtubers

    hey guys im looking for a group of people to collaborate with on youtube. I have a channel with 30+ subscribers which isn't but everyone has to start somewhere. The type of vibe im looking for is a Joking type of vibe not to serious just a group of people having fun and making videos such as...
  16. VigilantRager

    Gaming COD WW2

    Hey guys and gals i am looking for someone to play ww2 on the xbox one. we can laugh, become friends, make videos and such but i really ask you are at least 20 or pretty mature.
  17. O

    Gaming PS4 GAMING CREW (Laid Back)

    I look to collaborate with people on PS4 WHO PLAYS ( R6S,BF4,FORTNITE,D2,2K18) . I can also want to collaborate with people Funny, Witty and Laid Back. Have Fun PSN - XxBeast_BoiiXx
  18. JayyDaGawd

    Call of Duty World War 2 Gameplay/Commentary

    Hey guys!!! I have just uploaded my first Call of Duty World War 2 gameplay/commentary up to my channel! In this video I talk about my opinions on COD WW2 and how it needs to be the best cod yet! If you could check out the video and drop some feedback on the video that would be much...
  19. S

    Gaming Anyone want to collaborate

    Must Post similar content as me and have 60+ subs message me on PS4 my psn is FlawLeSSHunts thanks I have more games than I post.
  20. Q

    Gaming Join us

    Hey, I'm searching for members to join my team and rec funny gaming vids together. We play GTA 5, Black Ops 3, Friday the 13th, Gmod, Ben & Ed Bloody Party etc. To join you must be 17+, have a great mic and a good sence of humor. We usually rec from 3am to 10am (according to New-York time), so...
  21. TheFluffyKing

    Gaming Collab with me on youtube!!!

    I would love to collab with anyone on youtube for xbox one gaming vids. I play games like cod,overwatch,minecraft, and more please send message on xbox if you want. My gamertag: TheFluffyKing55
  22. I

    Gaming Looking for ppl on PS4 for Funny moments in games like COD and GTA 5

    I'm a pretty small YT channel with a little over 100 subs and mainly do gaming content. I want to focus on funny moments in games and have fun and share with people. I would like for you to be at least 13 years old and be a little not crazy like most young people are. Also would love to develop...
  23. FPSJustice

    Gaming COD ps4 collab

    Hey peeps, I'm an avid Call of Duty YouTuber that spends more time gaming that his life allows. I really enjoy streaming when I play because it allows me to play the game that I love and talks to viewers at the same time. I would love to have someone else to record/stream and grow as YouTubers...
  24. Crucity

    Gaming Xbox or Pc

    Hey guys I was wondering if any of you wanted to colab on Xbox preferably but Pc too! Games- Xbox: Halo Gta CoD Smite Pc: Csgo Gmod LoL etc Let me know on here or my twitter @Crucitygaming
  25. Nutella


    Hey guys, whats up? I need some helpful advice and strategies to grow my channel. I have been doing YouTube for quite a while now probably about a year. I'm just not growing, i barley get subs or views. I think my thumbnails, banner, and everything are pretty good and a lot better than majority...
  26. X

    Gaming Anyone Up For A PC/Xbox One Collab?

    I'm looking for: - 13-16 years of age - COD, GTA, or Minecraft on Xbox One - Payday or Minecraft on PC - Subs don't matter - Family- friendly - Good Sense of Humor - DEDICATED. hmu :)
  27. Miksa Szollosi

    Gaming PC Gaming Group

    Hey guys! I am Miksa and I am looking for people to collab with on pc in the US/Canada area. Mainly csgo and perhaps black ops 2. You need to be nice, respectful, not swear in videos (well, try not to at least) and have a sense of humour that doesn't hurt anyone. Here are the requirements; -Age...
  28. Zacke23

    Gaming Anyone down for a collab or just a bit of fun? (XboxONEonly)

    Hey i'm zack, im 20 from the uk. I have a small gaming channel on youtube and was wondering if anyone was down for a collab or just a bit of fun? The games i have are: FIFA17 Call of duty infinite warfare and COD4 Remastered Gears of war would be better if you were from the uk and around my...
  29. CoreyPlays

    Hilarious story (SHARTING)

    Just watch and learn something about me lol
  30. CoreyPlays

    Gaming setup is getting crazy

    Check out my most up to date gaming setup so far. It is far from done but I am very happy from where I started :D