1. T

    Gaming Pc games Collab (No Requirements)

    Ill be playing on these games ---------------------------------------- - CSGO - Gmod - MineCraft - Call Of Duty MW2 - Portal 2 - Saints Row 4 I need someone to play with on pc to help make some content. I have 475subscribers and looking to grow mine and yours channel Just need a Good mic...
  2. GoXera

    Need GFX

    Hi! I am in need of GFX for my channel! I need a banner related to cod/minecraft and a nice profile picture! I can pay a little bif of money if needed! Show me your work and i will contact you if i am interested :)
  3. Shylyrushed

    Gaming Gaming/Recording Squad 17+ MUST BE FLEXIBLE

    Just trying to form a group of 6-10 people that all play together and record together. must be outgoing, agreeable, fun, and have a good sense of humor. I myself am 18. Feel free to message me on steam "MouthyKid" or on skype "Shylyrushed" if you're interested or have any questions. All types of...
  4. Nutella


    I finally reached 1000 views on my channel, i worked really hard on my last video and i finally made it. Thank you everyone on yttalk that was always there when i needed help. :)
  5. Racurz

    200 Subscribers

    Guys i finally did it i made it to 200 subscribers on my channel it was awhile but hey better late then never just insane how it finally happened i mean some ppl celebrate this way when they get like 1 million or 1 hundred thousand but for me 200 is already a massive number i don't know how to i...
  6. Nutella

    Gaming XBOX ONE BO3 COLLAB (50+ SUBS)

    Hey guys i'm looking to do a COD BO3 collab, possibly a 1v1 with someone that has at least 50 subs let me know :)
  7. DxpeMikes

    Gaming Ps4/PC gaming group

    Yoo, its Metro/Mikes. I am looking for a group of serious youtubers who wish to form a gaming group to collaborate with in the near future. Your subscriber amount does not matter but there are a few requirements. Requirements Must be 15 - 20 Must have ps4/pc Must be entertaining and...
  8. T

    Gaming XBOX One/YouTube Collabs

    Hey there! I'm looking for people to either help or collaborate for videos! I play BO3, Fifa, 2K, GTA, Rocket League. I mainly play those but have many other games so just ask and I might have it! I'm 18 and have 29 subs but any help works! If you would like to collab sometime comment on a video...
  9. Nutella

    Gaming Channel (Black Ops 3)

    I upload Competitive Call of duty and Montages ;D
  10. Nutella

    Gaming Looking to Collab on XBOX ONE Black Ops 3.

    looking for someone to collab with at least 50 subs,my gamertag is ZL Nutella LZ. Hmu if you're interested. :)
  11. Branden Morales

    BLACK OPS 3 zombies!

  12. WanderingWalrus

    Gaming Xbox One Collab

    Hi I am Cody and I run the channel WanderingWalrus on YouTube! I love playing COD but I am down for any game basically. I have 131 subs atm and I am looking for someone with a similar amount! just comment if you wanna talk or add me GT:FrostTheWalrus
  13. itsbriisee01

    Gaming Look For Black Ops 3 Player To Collab With !

    Yo what up guys ! Im looking for people to collab with on black ops 3 ! Im a very good Call Of Duty Player (im a pubstomper and a competitive player ! , I have 4 K/D ) I have 160 subs on my Youtube Channel : "its Briisee" , add me on PSN : fazebook08 / comment on my Recent video If you want...
  14. 'Dj

    Gaming Looking for people to collab with

    Hai random person who's reading this , I'm looking for people I can play games with and record the amazing time while at it. I want have a group that I can per. Record with at least 2/3 times a week. I've over 350 subs and upload once a week , sometimes I dont, as I'm a solo gamer which makes...
  15. Ballistic


    Want to see what I like about cod 4 remastered?
  16. Nutella

    Gaming Im looking to do a Xb1 collab on BO3, possibly a 1v1 (50+ subs)

    DM me on twitter @itsNutellaa
  17. TheDirectorsOfGaming

    FIREBREAK - PURIFIER! (Black Ops 3 I Use Every Callsign Series)

  18. Nutella

    I HIT 50 SUBS!!!!!

    I finally hit my first milestone of 50 subs, i cant wait till i make my way towards 100. thank you everyone on the forums for always being there and helping when i needed it the most. :)
  19. Branden Morales


    Such a great milestone for me!
  20. Branden Morales


    Such a great milestone for me!
  21. J

    YouTube channel

    Hi I am a cod YouTuber. My YouTube channel is Atomic Winner. I would greatly appreciate feedback.
  22. MSgtDiamond


    I'm looking for people or potentially a group interested in creating FUNNY MOMENT GAMING VIDEOS! I have 300+ subscribers right now, but sub count doesn't matter to me as long as you make good quality content and you're chill. I'm trash at almost every game I play. I'm just looking to have fun...
  23. Branden Morales


  24. iMSaiyan

    BAIT-ISH title..but is the quality of the content good?

    Hey guys, been gone for awhile off this forum like a week haha but just been trying to really establish my channel. How did I do? Quality, etc, commentary? Thanks!
  25. M

    Request New logo (Free)

    I need a new logo for my YouTube channel called Mind Blown. I make GTA V and Call of duty content and I was hoping to have some characters built in, if its not to difficult. Thanks!
  26. DreaM_HD

    Gaming PC GAMES COLLAB! (700 SUBS)

    Hi! You've clicked on this so you have an interest in collabing! Here is a list of games that I play, If you have some of the listed games and are interested, please respond with your Skype username, steam name and sub count so we can collab! All on PC: - Arma 3 - Battlefield 4 - Black Ops 2...
  27. Zenova

    Gaming PC COLLAB!

    Hello I'm Zenova and I play a lot of Call of Duty and Counterstrike Global Offensive on my PC threw steam. I don't have very many subs at all but I just want to have fun I'm looking for people 12-16 years old I play COD BO2, CS:GO, COD WAW and more.
  28. S

    Gaming Looking for Collaborations on XBOX ONE, (BO3, FIFA16, MINECRAFT)

    Hey guys so im just looking for someone to do some collaborations with on youtube, i currently have 22 subscribers, and am quite excited about it, should be good fun! if youre interested just lemme know! :D
  29. M

    Gaming Looking for a PS4 collab

    I would want to do collabs on gta 5 and black ops 3 in the future other games to but I am waiting until they come out. I am 16 years of age. I want to form a group to collab with. I have 76 subs about 30 to 85 views per vid Requirments: Decent mic, age 15+, 50+ Subs, Friendly If you are...
  30. Cyclonejack1988

    Gaming Looking for people for COD: World at War modded zombies

    Hello, Like the title says I am looking for 1-3 people to play and record some Call of Duty: World at War - Modded zombies maps on steam. I want to record multiple episodes with different maps and make funny moments style heavily edited videos. I don't have any requirements as far as channel...