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Hai random person who's reading this ,

I'm looking for people I can play games with and record the amazing time while at it.
I want have a group that I can per. Record with at least 2/3 times a week.

I've over 350 subs and upload once a week , sometimes I dont, as I'm a solo gamer which makes getting content harder.

The games and consoles i have are :
Ps3 - all old gen CoD , gta V and evil within.
Ps4- bo3
Pc games - minecraft, cs:go , gmod, shellshock.

There isn't much requirements tbh , just a few small and simple ones to make my life easier:

- you have to be 17+ because I'm 18 and it's just gone be weird other wise
-have a decent mic
- record at least 2/3 times a week
- have Skype or teamspeak
- need to be chill and not too serious
-you gotta be okish at the game
- get along with people

If all the things are fine then just message me your YouTube channel and Skype id below so I could contact you asap.

Le thanks ❤
Hey bro i'd be down if your still up for it <3 Contact me over twitter if you can if you want to @TrilogyTC
I'm definitely up for this collab (also for the CAH collab on your other post, I'm very good in roasting myself)
I'm 18, have Discord & Skype
Have a Ps4 with BO3, Pc with Gmod, Csgo, Golf with friends, Dead Realm (and Minecraft when I remember my account).
Good mic (Snowball), GMT+1 timezone so 1h ahead of you, and up to record about 2 times a week
I've contacted you on Twitter already but incase you haven't seen it, my twitter is @Kniving777
Looking forward to hear from you :)