1. R

    Gaming RyuuHi (Kind of)? New Gamer

    Hello there, YTTalk community! I'm a YouTube gamer by the name "RyuuHi", and I have posted a new video last night but was too tired to promote it. Also, Google states that 9:00am is the best time to post on social media. So here I am, trying to get more views on my YouTube channel. You can check...
  2. A

    Gaming What 300hrs of sniping looks like in warzone

    Check it out bois you wont regret it ❤
  3. Khatiblogs

    Gaming Free fire Noob gaming

    Guys wanna achieve that 100 view goal on this video. Can u guys help ?
  4. O

    I just hit 100 subs today can people plz help me reach my goal of 300

    Here’s a link to my channel plz help me hit my goal of 300 can return
  5. Allyarix

    Gaming New guy, New channel

    Hello, im just here to try to grow my channel and make videos! I spent a lot of time in gaming and so i decided to make a channel! I jsut started so i basicly have no subs :/ -Some games I play -Minecraft -Krunker -geometry Dash -More Discord- Yari_atiihY#1775 Youtube-...
  6. IAmLogiicHD

    Gaming PC/PS4/XBOX Funny Moments group Collaboration

    what up everyone IAmLogiicHD Here in Search of Anyone willing to Collab with me in any games for PC/PS4/xbox, PC Setup is pretty good 3 monitors Blue snowball mic as for games, i said ANY games, buying games is not a problem for me, i have a wide variety of games on all my consoles and my PC, i...
  7. J

    Starting gaming channel collabs

    Hey, im jason and im a 17 year old gamer, i have a YouTube channel with 76 subscribers and around 30 views per video. I play all of my games on the ps4 and i have a big collection of games, the games i play the most are call of duty, fortnite, minecraft and some other smaller games. I want...
  8. boxofkinsley

    Gaming Gaming group/community looking for new people

    Hello, I'm Kinsley and I currently have a discord with my friends that involves gamers, streamers, editors, and artists, and we're looking for new members since the discord is pretty small so far. We do a lot of fun stuff and play games together almost every day, this includes. League of...
  9. Dawayne West

    Do you guys like Tube buddy ?

    Hey I was on the fence about upgrading to a tube buddy pro paid subscription and I was wondering how it was working out for all of you and if you would recommend it . -Thanks
  10. Stoner Gamer

    OMG Funny Moments

  11. Jayden Garcia


    Subscribe to my channel for daily gaming content! I buy the newest games and do lets plays/walkthroughs. I also post gaming news, commentaries, tips & tricks, ect. If that sounds like something that interests you then I would love for you to join the community. Thanks for looking! :)
  12. Stoner Gamer


    What can i do better in my videos. Does my channel look appealing. Does my intro stand out enough. What could I change about the appearance. Any feedback mould be much appreciated.
  13. Jayden Garcia


    Check the video out! Don't forget to like, comment, & subscribe. Thank you for the support. :)
  14. Jayden Garcia


    MY FIRST WIN ON #BLACKOUT WAS INSANE! Check it out and subscribe! :)
  15. Jayden Garcia

    This is one of the best missions on Spiderman (PS4)!

  16. Jayden Garcia


    Next episode is #LIVE! This is a good one. Help me reach 10 subs! :)
  17. Jayden Garcia


    1st episode of @SpiderMan is #LIVE on my #Youtube channel. If you enjoy all types of video games then my channel is for you. Go check me out & don't forget to leave a like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoy the content.
  18. Jayden Garcia


    MY NEW VIDEO IS LIVE ON #YOUTUBE! You should definitely check it out if you love video games and enjoy lets plays of your favorite gaming titles, commentaries, gaming updates, tips, and more. Don't forget to like, comment, & subscribe!
  19. Jayden Garcia


    NEW upload on my Youtube channel. This was a pretty insane game of NBA 2k19. I really enjoyed the prelude and I can not wait until it comes out on the 11th. I post a variety of games, so if you are interested go give my video a chance. Drop a like on it and subscribe if you haven't already...
  20. Z

    Gaming Xbox One Collaborations

    Hello, I am starting my YT channel back up and I would like to start collaborating with other channels around my size. I’m looking for people that are also wanting to just relax and make people laugh. I have 39 subs (yes it’s small) I restarted all my videos, so far I put one up (not the best...
  21. Ellythium

    Gaming New peeps to collab with

    Hello! I am open for any games from Racing, First Person Shooters, to horror. I am open to all of them :D Platform: I am a PC gamer. Timezone: EST Age: 16+ Subscribers: 191 Channel: Ellythium I would love to have new people to game with and to make videos with. I love meeting new people and...
  22. NerdyEquinox

    Finally Reached 1k subs and 100k views!

    Guys, it means so much to me that I have met this goal! I am hoping that if I continue to post consistently, that I will reach 1,500 subscribers and 115k views. It would mean a lot if you helped me reach this. Also, I am looking for people to collab with as well as some advice to improve my...
  23. tadpole_gaming

    Gaming looking for people to stream/record

    hey guys, im looking for people to stream with (and record too). i want to record some different content and start doing constant streams a few of the games i have: evolve stage 2 depth disc jam duck game siege rocket league uno warface trappers delight have more games and willing to...
  24. Syd the Squid

    100 Subscribers!

    Hey my dudes! I finally hit 100 subscribers last night! I'm super excited to have finally hit this milestone! I guess I've been doing something right! I can't wait to see how much this channel will grow!
  25. A

    Request Zombie intro

    Hi I have a gamer Youtube channel I am searching for someone who can design my intro Must be cartoon, for around 10 seconds and nust show my youtube name (ALEKSANGRE). I have an idea: The history can be a heroe making some fire, comes a zombie, and then kills the zombie with some arrows, please...
  26. JayPlaysOfficial


    Welcome to the house of creepy! this is not an english game but is in the making! but the gameplay was awesome and the dolls... well... i don't like dolls XD
  27. T

    Gaming channel video ideas

    I want to start out, but I don't know what type of video I should start out with that people will like Any ideas I.e Type of Content or Length of videos
  28. Lazymeta

    Gaming Big Gaming group!

    Hello everyone, I'm starting a gaming group. Or i can join one of yours, i really dont care. My youtube is lazymeta. Give me a checkout. and let me know what you want. Looking for more then 4 members -Discord Lazymeta#1438
  29. Raven

    40k views +320 subs

    Greetings ghouls and ghosts. my channel been growing views wise and am so grateful for that. thanks for everyone on this forum and here to 50k soon.
  30. J^3

    Gaming Anyone wants to collaborate (Need for Speed) or (Fortnite)

    Hey there i am looking for anyone who wants to collaborate. I play and record Need for speed 2015 and need for speed payback and also fornite. please leave a comment below if you are intrested in colaborating.