1. Protecterorb

    Gaming Looking to expand with awesome people!

    Hello! We are Gilded Phoenix Studios, we are a production group that aims to create let's plays, short films, animations, and possibly music! We are a diverse group with one goal in mind: to create and entertain. At the moment we have a team of gamers, an animation team, and an editor. We're...
  2. F

    600+ subs!

    Been creating Minecraft videos actively for just over 6 months and I hit 600 subs in September! Pretty excited to see my community growing! :D
  3. IAmTheBossLady

    Gaming Group Collaborations

    (Gaming Related)Hello everyone my buddy and I are looking for other people to play with for youtube to goof around. We are based on Ps4 and we also both have a youtube that are similar to each other. Mine is Boss Lady and his is Boss Blue if you want to join or just play with us (You don't have...
  4. Kaytonix

    Wanting honest opinions on my channel!

    Hello everyone! My name is Kaytonix! I'm currently creating pokemon and sims 4 content! My channel just shy of being a month old! I would really love some honest feed back on my videos! Is the content entertaining? Are the thumbnails attention grabing? Anything I need to improve on? Thank you so...
  5. austinr1010

    Gaming Collab and team up for funny moments :)

    Hey my name I am A Salty Guy and im looking for some dedicated individuals with youtube experience to team up and post some funny content. I recently have been putting a lot of time into my videos and it has been a dream of mine to be YouTube famous. I wanna be a popstar gamer star youtube...
  6. BilliamGeorge

    My first 10 subscribers!!

    I've been having a quick look at the milestones and saw everyone getting thousands of subs and views which is great! It shows it's possible to achieve! I wanted to share that I have got 10 subscribers now but I hope to get up to 1000 like many of you! Everybody has to start somewhere! I'm only 2...
  7. StraightupDENCH

    Gaming i need a carry pls xbox one ow

    Lads i don't care about your sub count, quality of content, race, age (assuming you're not just out of the womb) or gender (I mean females are pretty cool I guess), all I want is a new mate that can get me out of plat and make funnies as we go. I know any pc players reading this are prolly...
  8. pcgamergirl

    HOW TO ESCAPE A PRISON!!! - Little Nightmares [Part 1 - The Prison]

    Hey guys! This is my first post to the forum... so I thought I'd start you out with my latest Lets Play series on Little Nightmares! It was a GREAT game... I believe it's also part of the Steam summer sale, so check it out if you're into it! My full playlist is available on my channel. :) Also...
  9. dombarber91

    Vlog Any Virginia Vloggers / YouTubers

    Hello! My name is Dominique, or Foxxxy on YouTube. I have recently taken a liking to the YouTube community, and have been actively posting for a few months now. I feel that the best way to grow and even enjoy YouTube as a whole, is meeting others who also do YouTube. The closest major city that...
  10. IAmTheBossLady

    Gaming Collaberation

    Hello everyone I am looking for someone who knows how to edit(or knows a little bit about editing) to collab with me in making a gaming YouTube channel! I have 73 subs already no videos anymore(deleted) but i really enjoy playing video games and would also love to have new people to play with...
  11. Basic Gamer

    Gaming I would like to meet a few fellow YT hosts that enjoy same games as me.

    Hey guys as you probably can already tell I am looking for a couple of YouTube Partners to Collaborate with. If you are interested in a Fun/Serious gaming channel then you have come to the right place. I only started YT here recently as a hobby through college. I currently Have 9 subs. And if...
  12. ColdCoastGaming

    First 2 Weeks - Would Love Some Feedback

    Hey guys, So my channel has been up for just under 2 weeks and I guess at this point I'm just looking for general feedback on the channel and on my content. How's my commentary? Am I striking a good balance between gameplay commentary and general banter? Is the channel art ok for now? Do the...
  13. D

    30 subs! WOOOOOO

    may not seem like alot, but for someone who's doing some weird gaming stuff thats dope! but just wanted to yell about 30 subs : )
  14. Xodom

    The best I have to offer?

    Hey, so I'd really appreciate it if someone could check out this video and let me know what they think. I am not posting in the criticism since I just want opinions, but I think this is the best video on my channel since I re-branded and started YouTubing again. Please please please if you watch...
  15. ProfessionalRik

    Meet Me! [A Re-Introduction]

    A long, long time ago; in a galaxy far awa-- No, just kidding. I made an introductory video a while back that started off with the phrase "Who I am is not important." Since I've changed my mind and think I AM important now, I decided to try again.
  16. G

    Gaming Hello Android Gamer!

    Hello guys!. My name is GeneralEveryGaming and im looking for friend to play and collab with!. I play android games. If you have any mobile android phones, just message me!. I will be hoping if you want to be my youtube friend!. Bye!!.
  17. JayPlaysOfficial

    I'M NO EXPERT! | Bomb Squad Academy

    Hello everyone, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to a new video! Today we are playing Bomb Squad Academy!
  18. JayPlaysOfficial

    SO MESSED UP! | Self Portrait

    Hello everyone, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to anther video! Today as you can see by the title, we are playing a little game called Self Portrait... But not your normal average game.. :)
  19. AMX Gaming

    Outlast 2 | She's Back

    Hello everybody Outlast 2 is back, this time we find the hook that we need to move on, but it comes with a price and many scares along the way as we still have to deal with that insanely scary lady trying to murder us. This is part 7 of the series Thank You For Watching, Have A Very Nice Day...
  20. Freddie Hill

    Gaming Looking too Collaborate with Xbox 1\360 Gamers

    Also interested in collaborations so inbox me !
  21. JayPlaysOfficial


    Hello everyone, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to another video! This is a re-upload so hope you enjoy!
  22. JayPlaysOfficial

    KILLER GAME OF HIDE & SEEK w/ Jack | TotalMaze Survival

    Hello everyone, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to another video! today i am back with my little brother Jack Does and today we are playing TotalMaze Survival!! Enjoy
  23. JayPlaysOfficial

    THE FAMILY | Five Nights At Freddy's | Free Roam Edition!

    Hello Everyone my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to another video! Today we are playing the FNAF Free Roam, oh geez was this good but scary at the same time!
  24. RidleyFourTwo

    Noodle Simulator - Fun and rage-inducing

  25. JayPlaysOfficial

    OOHHH GOD NOOOO!! | Darth Santa

    Hello everyone, my name is JayPlaysOfficial and welcome back to another video!
  26. Cody Reks

    Gaming Looking for Youtube partner to collab with.

    Howdy people ?! My name is Alex, people call me Cody (my nickname). I have a gaming Youtube channel called "Cody Sucks @ Games" and im looking for people to collab with. At the moment im mainly focusing on Playerunknown's Battlegrounds videos and i would like a fellow Youtuber to duo with and...
  27. ARedX

    Gaming Looking for PS4 Collab.

    hey everyone, I'd like to find someone who has some contact out already and would like to do a collab together. I don't have many subscribers (98) but I am a hard worker and will be getting more. I Post 5 days a week mostly being Destiny, Pokémon, Resident Evil, The bunker, and World War Toons...
  28. AdmUp

    I HATE the word "Gamer"

    Wait.. hear me out.. There are Billions of gamers out there, so why do we need a word to describe someone who does something so popular?
  29. ACEProspects

    Gaming Looking for dedicated YouTubers!

    HEY GUYS! My name is Francesco and I'm the founder of the newly created, YouTube Gaming group, ACEProspects! I'm currently the most active uploader but I do have another member in the group who is starting to upload content on a more regular basis. I am looking for a positive hearted and...
  30. MusicsAnts

    100 subs

    Hey everybody, I have reach the big 1-0-0, using my nvidia gaming tablet I try my best to make great videos to gain more sub's :)