1. AMX Gaming

    What The Heck Is This? | Helium #1

    Welcome to a brand new game called Helium, a group of outer space explorers discovered a strange signal coming from planet Gliese 86b. After entering the orbit the sensors have spotted the signal source - it was an artifact of an unknown nature and origin. The captain decided to land and...
  2. Its_Errelevant

    New video is up! If you have a second, have a look!

    Just got up the 6th episode of my horizon series. I know that I'm a bit behind on the game compared to a lot of other youtubers, but hey, gotta start somewhere right? I you have a moment to check out the channel, please do, but more importantly, tell me what you think! Thanks in advance
  3. Qball

    (Hilarious!!) What Really Happens on Valentine Day? Find Out

    This video is hilarious!! Don't forget to subscribe and like!!
  4. ElitePotato

    Gaming Happy to be collaborating with people on PC

    I have an interest in PC games and therefore, I'm happy to do a collaboration with people who share the same interest. Just be yourself and we can amuse each other :) I mostly do free PC games cause we got a whole 'not allowed to spend money on virtual stuff' thing going on at my place. Filming...
  5. Qball


    Make sure to help me reach my goal by hitting that subscribe button. Looking forward to releasing more content on a weekly basis. Enjoy!!
  6. JaxShadow

    Gaming Looking for long term Collab Partners

    Hey everyone, I'm a fairly fresh start for youtube, however I have over 60+ videos that are over a vast majority of games. Recently Paragon, Horizon Zero Dawn, Watch Dogs2, and more. I would like to find another youtuber that is willing to make joint series that would expand both of our...
  7. hatlesschimp

    Which Thumbnail A or B?

    Hi fellow YTTalkers! I created two thumbnails in the last 24 hours and I cant decide which one to run with. Normally I dont care but I want to now stay consistent with a certain theme so others can Identify my easier. Exhibit A was created 3am last night and B was created at midday when I...
  8. Qball


    Support me by viewing my livestream and subscribing to my channel. THanks!!
  9. GG Nation


    I can't believe that I have made it this far. I just was making videos to make some of my friends laugh and bring a smile to them. I never expected that 100+ people would enjoy the same vids! Just want to a shout out and thank you to all those who have subbed to me even though I know they...
  10. Erebusu

    New League Of Legends Youtuber!

    Hey everyone! I am Erebusu and I am a new League Of Legends youtuber! I have been playing this game for three years now and I am really passionate about it. I do enjoy playing other games as well. I am excited to be a part of this community and make new friends! Anyone want to Collab? Feel free...
  11. AMX Gaming

    600 plus thank you so much

    not too long ago we passed 600 subscribes, something amazing for a gaming channel, met so many awesome people and it's so motivating when others show us some love, thank you for reading and for the support.
  12. Zionova

    Gaming Collaborate with me!! (Need Someone)

    I need someone who is good at gaming and good at making videos. If you think you are please tell me and i'll see your channel. I make about 1-2 videos every week. I'm a PC Gamer, I have Rocket League, Counter Strike, Rust, GTA V Online on Steam. If you're interested, PLEASE tell me!!:))
  13. Shurikex

    Gaming Collaboration For Overwatch, League Of Legends,ETC

    Hey Guys I'm Shurikex I Have A YouTube Channel That I Started About 3 Weeks Ago Now And I'm Still Looking For My First Collab I Have Around 50 Subscribers At The Moment And Still Growing That Been Said I'm Down To Doing A Collaboration With People Around The Same Level If You Guys Are Interested...
  14. soldatcat

    NGHHHHH | resident evil 7 biohazard

    Hiya! I just posted my first video of my RESIDENT evil 7 playthrough :) it would be amazing if you guys could check it out!!! Thanks :)
  15. A

    Gaming Just a little bit of collabing

    Hey there, We're looking for some people to collaborate with, we'll play most games although we tend to play more steam games like Golf with your friends, Rust and Ultimate Chick Horse. Ideally, we're looking for someone with 200+ subs but we'll consider anyone really. Check out our content...
  16. soldatcat

    THE SALTIEST SOLDAT| overwatch skit

    I made this today after getting really salty because people wouldn't GET ON THE DAYUM PAYLOAD IN COMPETITIVE But yeah XD I thought maybe some people could relate to my problem with teammates that just won't protect the objective, leave your comments down below or Yano under the video if you can
  17. KrivixHD

    KrivixHD My Gaming Channel ;)

    So I don't know how to fix my youtube link so here So my channel rn I do Graphic design, minecraft, and csgo, but I'm getting a lot of games in this coming month is be ready for a lot of content as well as I have been posting pretty much...
  18. Branden Morales


  19. Rolz

    Latest video review

    Hi guys, I just released my 3rd Dragon ball XV2 video (pretty much me doing a playthrough - I run a gaming/tech/vlogging channel) and would like to get your opinion on the quality of my voice/speech so that I may improve on it. What I mean by that is anything along the lines of, am I...
  20. JayPlaysOfficial

    Paint The Town Red | DEMO | KILLLLLLLL!!

    Paint The Town Red | DEMO | KILLLLLLLL!! New upload guys! Do enjoy
  21. JayPlaysOfficial

    Lets Play | Outlast | #2 | THIS IS TERRIFYING!!

    Welcome back to another episode of Outlast! in this episode, we was on a journey to reboot the generator in the basement, but we was not alone...
  22. IGotTheMeats

    100 Views, 200 Watch Minutes

    I just hit my 100th all-time view and 200th minute of watch time! I've been posting consistently for about 10 days, and I think I hit those milestones at a quick pace! Hopefully next is 100 subs!
  23. Jonny King

    Gaming [PS4] Looking for Youtubers to collab with GTA 5, DESTINY, COD MWR AND MORE!

    Hello, My name is Jonny or my name on youtube is Clutching 24 7 i make tons of different videos and im really looking for people or groups to collab with. I mostly play Call of duty MWR and GTA 5 but i have other games my channel isn't the biggest but to me it isnt about channel size or view...
  24. JayPlaysOfficial

    Lets Play | Dead Space | #1 | DO YOU THINK ITS DEAD??

    Hello everyone! hope your all good! i have recently just kicked my channel off by playing Dead Space 1, i have never played this before but had watch the trailer and oh boy! it looked good, i wanted to go back a few years and play an oldish game like this!
  25. Raven

    Just Hit 10K Views.

    Greetings ghost and ghouls. My channel Gothictech just hit 10K view and it feels amazing. really appreatare every view and sub, and comment. AM not after numbers but damn It feels good :)
  26. Roger Baumann

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with Youtube gamers!

    We are five friends that work on this Youtube channel together. Our full Youtube Channel name is Knights of the Cimmerian Hearts (KOTCH for short). We also go by our knight names: Sir Bloodstream - Roger Sir Rapturous - Christopher Sir Strangerspast - Austin Sir Sinister - Anthony Sir Chaddical...
  27. Sparks5898

    Gaming collab?

    Just looking for someone or anyone that wants to collab only requirement is you need a ps4 lol nothing else really matters also looking to makes as well if your willing to hmu on my twitter :dsparks5898 or insta:dsparks i hope y'all have a great day
  28. E

    Gaming I want to creat a channel with someone

    Hi. I want to creat a youtube channel with someone. We can post on the channel our own videos and videos that we make playing together. I know you maybe think that why would you makr a channel with someone when you can do it alone but I think it's interesting when a channel has variety and it's...
  29. Baylze

    Should I Use Thumbnail Templates?

    Hey, I have a gaming channel, and this is my current thumbnail design: I kind of went with a really vibrant, colourful theme, and tried to incorporate the following stuff: Large, cartoon text in clear colours A render (character, usually) from the game I'm playing Background of the thumbnail...
  30. soldatcat

    Gaming looking for people to play ps4 with

    Hi, I usually play Overwatch, Black ops 3, the last of us and I just got into tomb raider :) I also play cod aw cod ghosts and GTA v but I lost my copy and should probably find it XD You have to be 13-15 as I am turning 15 soon and would prefer people around my age :P my instagrams Soldatcat DM...