Gaming [PS4] Looking for Youtubers to collab with GTA 5, DESTINY, COD MWR AND MORE!

Jonny King

New Member
Hello, My name is Jonny or my name on youtube is Clutching 24 7 i make tons of different videos and im really looking for people or groups to collab with. I mostly play Call of duty MWR and GTA 5 but i have other games my channel isn't the biggest but to me it isnt about channel size or view count its about sharing the same love and drive i have for youtube with you guys! If you wanna get more into this you can contact me on Discord my username is Jonny#2062.

Disclaimer i know it says i havent uploaded in a month but that is because my recent videos have since been deleted due to personal reasons and my latest video is just a meme but the rest are gaming videos.
What's up, my channel size is small but that kind of stuff doesn't matter to me either, im 17 and play ps4 if you are interested dm me on twitter @zombie393slayer, thanks.