game collab

  1. xandru8

    Other I am back for collabs

    You young lings might not know me but the Vets might still remember me, I have made a post here last time I was on about a collaboration with others that would go up on my channel. It would be one a week and it would role around different topics, favorite games, trends you are following and...
  2. Jonny King

    Gaming [PS4] Looking for Youtubers to collab with GTA 5, DESTINY, COD MWR AND MORE!

    Hello, My name is Jonny or my name on youtube is Clutching 24 7 i make tons of different videos and im really looking for people or groups to collab with. I mostly play Call of duty MWR and GTA 5 but i have other games my channel isn't the biggest but to me it isnt about channel size or view...
  3. SoulBarrier2

    Gaming looking to form a gaming group

    Im looking to form a gaming group where we would make funny moments on games like gmod and etc i don't have any requirements there is one that you have to be 17 or older i don't care what your subcount is as long as you meet that one requirement your fine
  4. DemonDoggie0811

    Gaming Xbox Games With gold collab

    Hi... I'm DemonDoggie... You probably knew that already... Give me a second to get exited... ... ... ok... I'm good... Hey guys Today I am looking For brave volunteers to play FREE GAMES!(Ik it sounds Pricey but Its not, I promise) If you play with me the only things you will lose are your free...
  5. A

    Gaming Looking for other YouTube PC Gamers

    I make Youtube videos of mostly free to play PC games. Looking for others (18+ please) to work with and to help each other grow. Large and small groups of creators searching for another, are welcome to contact me also at. Skype GrumpyPCer
  6. ParanoiaOrigins

    Gaming LF YouTube Buddies to Be A "Part House of Frost Wolves" Gaming

    What does my collaboration(s) consists of? I want to make a collaboration on black ops 3, dark souls, GTA 5, Kitten Squad, Minecraft, Rocket League, Smite, Star wars Battlefront, The Division, War Thunder (PlayStation 4) in which we will be trying to show we be trying to ether complete heist...
  7. S

    Gaming Looking for collaboration with other Gamer youtubers on PC.

    Hello every one, i was wondering if there is anyone interested in a collaboration with me, my channel is about gameplay, lets' play, funny montages and in general Gaming, i live in EU and my age is 25. Am thinking of commentating however i don't have good audio... will change that soon. So...
  8. BIGtheRED

    Gaming Prospecting for a video or channel collab?

    Hey guys! I posted a similar thread about a week ago. Sadly, it was a big post, and seems like not many people read it. Anyways, I am one of five members of a Youtube group called Confidence Crew. We're looking to push ourselves to the next milestone (200 subs), I figured this might be a good...