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Confidence Crew's "Gamer Viking"
Hey guys!

I posted a similar thread about a week ago. Sadly, it was a big post, and seems like not many people read it.
Anyways, I am one of five members of a Youtube group called Confidence Crew. We're looking to push ourselves to the next milestone (200 subs), I figured this might be a good time to look at doing some collabing to really get to know the community a bit!

If you're down to engage in a collab with an up-and-coming channel, we'd be down to work with ya!

Anything from:
- Channel collab (ch vs ch, or co-op)
- Special guest video-for-video
- Shoutout-for-shoutout
- Any other ideas welcome!

Even if you don't absolutely fit the below, apply anyway!


- More than 100 subs.
- Age 17 or older.
- A comparable branding/production quality.
- Use Teamspeak or Skype
- Decent reactions/amusing personality/video capture software of your own.


YT channel name:
YT channel url:
# of subs:
Prefer voice only, or facecam?:
Top 5 games you currently play:

You can post here, or PM me, and we can talk!


Let's build something together!
Thank you for your time, and just remember...

You gotta have confidence!

If you're interested have a look at my channel, and let me know. I cant be arsed filling out the application this isnt a job interview haha.
Heya guys. I thought that I would apply. It would be nice to work with a few people. I see that you're in the US. What time zone are you?


Name: Natasha
YT channel name: JollyFrog Gaming
YT channel url: For some reason, I can't link my channel but search for JollyFrogGaming
# of subs: 108
Prefer voice only, or facecam?: usually voice only but would do facecam
Top 5 games you currently play: PONCHO, Cube Escape, LEGO Avengers, Move Or Die and Minecraft (Wii U ed). I've been doing a series on first look at games so played a few extra games that may not become series of their own.

Collabing could be fun, even if it's just for one or two videos.

Let me know. :D Xx
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