gamer collab

  1. J

    Gaming Need Youtuber To Collab

    Hi there, Are you are YouTuber? Are You a gamer? Do you play any game on YouTube? Do You Play Free Fire? My Channel: Yes you all are welcome.. We are waiting for your response. Regards, Jabed
  2. T

    Gaming I have 2k subs need Gamers

    Need a couple gaming buddies to collab with VR and PC gaming also console gaming basically everything lmao
  3. IAmLogiicHD

    Gaming PC/PS4/XBOX Funny Moments group Collaboration

    what up everyone IAmLogiicHD Here in Search of Anyone willing to Collab with me in any games for PC/PS4/xbox, PC Setup is pretty good 3 monitors Blue snowball mic as for games, i said ANY games, buying games is not a problem for me, i have a wide variety of games on all my consoles and my PC, i...
  4. Ellythium

    Gaming New peeps to collab with

    Hello! I am open for any games from Racing, First Person Shooters, to horror. I am open to all of them :D Platform: I am a PC gamer. Timezone: EST Age: 16+ Subscribers: 191 Channel: Ellythium I would love to have new people to game with and to make videos with. I love meeting new people and...
  5. Edward Okechukwu

    Gaming Looking for pc gamers to form a crew with

    I'm not really strict on when you should be available to record but often will be nice. age requirement 15+ - Gmod - Rocket League - Friday the 13th - Titanfall 2 If you have any of those games and wanna join the crew, then hit me up on discord 3LX#9937
  6. dombarber91

    Vlog Any Virginia Vloggers / YouTubers

    Hello! My name is Dominique, or Foxxxy on YouTube. I have recently taken a liking to the YouTube community, and have been actively posting for a few months now. I feel that the best way to grow and even enjoy YouTube as a whole, is meeting others who also do YouTube. The closest major city that...
  7. Forrz

    Gaming BO2 and Other Games Collab?

    I have very few subscribers and am working on my first video, a CoD BO2 Commentary, and I want to record with other people. I play on Xbox 360 and my G-Tag is ForrzPlayz. I will also play other games, like Gmod, Friday 13th, Shellshock, and other games. If interested in a collab, I have a...
  8. W

    How To Grow On Youtube

    Now Listen Up Ladies and Gentlemen, Because I Have Some News For Ya. Now, before i go off ranting about YouTube, lets talk about me so you know where i have been. I have 3 Accounts on YouTube (CarlPlayz, 156 Subs; WoR Gaming, 152 Subs; WingsOfRush, 8 Subs) I have been uploading for around 4...
  9. ACEProspects

    Gaming Looking for dedicated YouTubers!

    HEY GUYS! My name is Francesco and I'm the founder of the newly created, YouTube Gaming group, ACEProspects! I'm currently the most active uploader but I do have another member in the group who is starting to upload content on a more regular basis. I am looking for a positive hearted and...
  10. waxseanster

    Gaming Looking to collab or clash

    Hi i am the waxseanster I am very lonely and I want to collab or clash with another youtuber and i don't care about subs i just want to game i live in U.S in east time zone please message me so now i will tell you what i am looking for and stuff about me someone funny who loves YouTube around...
  11. PracticalGaming

    Gaming Looking for collab on PC or Xbox One

    Hello everyone! My name is Jordan, I love playing video games, favorite rapper is Drake, I have a somewhat potty mouth so in this collaboration I am looking for someone who has a similar sense of humor. I just built a PC so I am just starting to play games online such as Roblox, Happy Wheels &...
  12. R

    Gaming Xbox One Collab cod!!!

    Hey everyone is Ray Wrecks here looking to start collaborating with other gamers. Just on Xbox one. I have 50subs. Want some one with 25or more.
  13. Erebusu

    New League Of Legends Youtuber!

    Hey everyone! I am Erebusu and I am a new League Of Legends youtuber! I have been playing this game for three years now and I am really passionate about it. I do enjoy playing other games as well. I am excited to be a part of this community and make new friends! Anyone want to Collab? Feel free...
  14. Roger Baumann

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with Youtube gamers!

    We are five friends that work on this Youtube channel together. Our full Youtube Channel name is Knights of the Cimmerian Hearts (KOTCH for short). We also go by our knight names: Sir Bloodstream - Roger Sir Rapturous - Christopher Sir Strangerspast - Austin Sir Sinister - Anthony Sir Chaddical...
  15. Sparks5898

    Gaming collab?

    Just looking for someone or anyone that wants to collab only requirement is you need a ps4 lol nothing else really matters also looking to makes as well if your willing to hmu on my twitter :dsparks5898 or insta:dsparks i hope y'all have a great day
  16. TheCanadianNeo

    Gaming Gaming Collab 13+

    Hey its me TCN you probably dont know cuz im new and stuff. Basically im a Canadian Youtuber I do gaming vids and short films/vlogs. Im looking forward to collab with someone that has enough subs and get some good amount of views. Maybe you dont have lots of views or subs and maybe doesnt meet...
  17. tedswrong

    Meet Up/Gathering Skype or Bay Area Meet Up!?!

    Any youtube gamers in the bay area or wanna meet up on skype? My goal is eventually have a big group of friends to record funny gameplay with. Reply if your up for the challenge!!!
  18. RRM

    Gaming Looking To Do Collab Videos

    Hello, if you live in the Bay Area of Cali I have a channel where i do vlogs and pranks and gaming (Nba 2k1,GTA5, Madden 17) I'm trying to improve as much as i can so if there's anyone out there interested in doing a collab let me know! P.s I have xbox one Game Tag - RRMO3
  19. Mr Softy

    Gaming Looking for like minded gamer/s to collab with on PS4 or PC

    Hey all. Im looking for like minded people to do some collaborations with. Im a high energy PS4 and PC gamer looking to reach out and connect with other content creators. Reason for collaboration: I just want to promote my channel in a positive way with other like minded youtubers and have...
  20. Biocritical

    Gaming Overwatch gamers

    Hey I need a few partners to help grow my channel and in turn grow all of our channels
  21. TheJollyPear

    Gaming Looking to Collab! [TheJollyPear]

    I am a very small youtube channel, and only started a couple days ago! But, I am looking for others to play, and enjoy making videos with! Requirments: Age: 14+ Decent Mic No Sub requirement A good uploading schedule A decent editor/decent content (By the way I am in the EST Timezone. So keep...
  22. BIGtheRED

    Gaming Prospecting for a video or channel collab?

    Hey guys! I posted a similar thread about a week ago. Sadly, it was a big post, and seems like not many people read it. Anyways, I am one of five members of a Youtube group called Confidence Crew. We're looking to push ourselves to the next milestone (200 subs), I figured this might be a good...
  23. NJCGaming

    Gaming small PC Gamer fleet for recording

    Hello guys my name is Noah and i would like to start a small PC Gamer fleet tp record with and have fun with in various games! (i.e. Minecraft, Call of duty AW, Call of duty WAW, Call of duty Black ops 2, DayZ, Garrys mod, Grand theft auto V, Grand theft auto IV, Left 4 dead 2, Rocket leauge...