I've Got It
Hi... I'm DemonDoggie... You probably knew that already... Give me a second to get exited... ... ... ok... I'm good... Hey guys Today I am looking For brave volunteers to play FREE GAMES!(Ik it sounds Pricey but Its not, I promise) If you play with me the only things you will lose are your free megabytes(which you fill with free games(sounds like a good trade) yay) and your dignity(who needs that silly stuff... right? So! For a while now I have been addicted to Forza Horizon which is the current free game, And I need friends :(. So I am Going to play all the free with gold games, except ones I don't want, And I welcome you to play with me. I only have a few simple rules:
1.Have A decent mic
2.Be around 13-16 (I can make exceptions)
3. Doesn't mind swearing but Doesn't do it too much(Sorry Pewdiepie)
4.Can Take a joke(No anger management pupils)
5. If you do get ticked, do it in the funniest way possible
6. Sense of humor(Deadpool is welcome to the family)
7.Dont be an a**e
8. Don't pee on the carpet
9. Don't poo on the carpet
10. Don't barf on the carpet
11. Don't do anything to my carpet
12. 70+ subs
13.I probably should've put the age rule here(because... 13... get it... ha)
14.If you do do(doo-doo... lol) anything to the carpet, you pay for repairs
15. Must actually record... That's sorta why we r at the forums so yeah...
See! Just a few simple rules... right? If you can follow those(3rd grade up...) You should be fine! I can wait(a long time) to meet you! I guess...
Hey dude i am a gaming youtuber as well so i was thinking To collab! It would be an awesome opportunity to get subs THX!

My Youtube Channel name is BluePeliconPlayz