1. DemonDoggie0811

    Gaming Xbox Games With gold collab

    Hi... I'm DemonDoggie... You probably knew that already... Give me a second to get exited... ... ... ok... I'm good... Hey guys Today I am looking For brave volunteers to play FREE GAMES!(Ik it sounds Pricey but Its not, I promise) If you play with me the only things you will lose are your free...
  2. Kousuke-shii

    Copyrighted video stuck at 360p quality! HELP!

    So, I just won a copyright claim today. I uploaded a video about 15 days ago and got a copyright strike because of it. I disuputed the claim, filed a counter-notification and now the video is back up. But there's one problem... The video is stuck at 360p! It was 1080p when I first uploaded it...
  3. FraYoshi

    500 Subs!!! :D

    Hit right now: 500 subscribers!!!!!! This is a Milestone I set so much time ago, so for me is not only a regular milestone but a BIG stupid smile on my face :D For this reason I decided to challenge myself doing what I asked myself to do in this year but that I never done: My first video in...
  4. SonicR360

    Shadows Of Evil on THE ONE AND ONLY XBOX 360

    Hi all YES!!! XBOX 360 and Black Ops 3 = HORROR!! I bought this back in November..... today I uploaded my 1st attempt on SoE Zombies on the old Gen Console. Please take a look at this video. Feedback always appreciated. Simon