game collaboration

  1. RenOperative

    Gaming Variety Gaming / Nerd Culture Search For Collaboration| 18+ | Consistency

    What’s up people of the internet!? My name is Renegade Operative and I am the co-host of a channel currently at 890 subscribers. Once again, we’re extensively searching for gaming candidates who are willing to start an organic relationship with a gaming group centered on nerd culture. One of the...
  2. tabve

    Gaming Colab. for PC

    I'm looking to meet people to rec. with. The thing I want and I do. fun and funny crew play on PC and PS4 game I mostly play battleship shellshock PUGB steam: tabve discord: tabve#3638 psn: konekeo if you are interested contact me on my channel or discord
  3. Jet-X

    Gaming Xbox one Xenoverse 2 collab

    Doing a cast character series of online gameplay wanted to try something new and try to do two cast characters for xv2 try to kill birds with one stone. Any one good at the game can message me. For my first duel cast series I'm doing gogeta and vegtio.
  4. P

    Gaming Horror/Indie/Funny Collaboration (PC only)

    Hi there, I'm looking for collaborators with a similar or higher subscriber count as me (>2000) to help grow my channel. We'll do a couple of let's plays and I'll feature you on my channel (and vice versa). Indie horror is the mainstay of my channel but but for collaboration I would like to...
  5. Jonny King

    Gaming [PS4] Looking for Youtubers to collab with GTA 5, DESTINY, COD MWR AND MORE!

    Hello, My name is Jonny or my name on youtube is Clutching 24 7 i make tons of different videos and im really looking for people or groups to collab with. I mostly play Call of duty MWR and GTA 5 but i have other games my channel isn't the biggest but to me it isnt about channel size or view...
  6. DivideAndConquer

    Gaming Looking For people to collab with (any sub count)

    Hey all My name is Trevor from Divide And Conquer. I am a gaming YouTuber who plays VR and PC games like The Forest, Ark Survival, Rust, Savage Lands, Space Engineers, Tabletop Simulator and Much much more. If you are interested in a collab go ahead and leave a message below and a link to your...
  7. A

    Gaming Looking for other YouTube PC Gamers

    I make Youtube videos of mostly free to play PC games. Looking for others (18+ please) to work with and to help each other grow. Large and small groups of creators searching for another, are welcome to contact me also at. Skype GrumpyPCer
  8. kelsung

    Gaming gmod funny montage

    i am 13 years old i whlold like to have a small group of pepole to play gmod make funny montage out of it to contact me my skype is kelsung.chapman
  9. GSquadron

    Gaming Looking to collaborate with Youtubers for online/PC indie games!

    Hi all, I don't know why the previous thread was locked so I opened a new one. Right now I just finished a top-down shooter game and I am looking for you guys to grab 10 free keys of the game before they are gone and make a YouTube review of the game. Contact me if you are interested. These...