Gaming Looking to collaborate with Youtubers for online/PC indie games!


Hi all,
I don't know why the previous thread was locked so I opened a new one.
Right now I just finished a top-down shooter game and I am looking for you guys to grab 10 free keys of the game before they are gone and make a YouTube review of the game.

Contact me if you are interested.

These are images from the game.




I will send new keys when I make other games.
This is it for now.
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May we see some content of the game, so that we could decide if we want to do a review on the game? Thank you!
May we see some content of the game, so that we could decide if we want to do a review on the game? Thank you!
I don't do reviews but I would like to see the game since you made it. Is there a trailer or something?
Sorry, I thought it did not allow me to place images.
Added 3 pics. Later I will do a gameplay of the game itself.
Hey GSquadron, I'd be more than happy to do some video reviews for your games on my channel. I am very small in size, but you can expect high quality video and audio commentary. If you're interested you can contact me via steam (same user name as here), or through YouTube.
The story is a talk between the creator of the game (me) and the player.
In the beginning it looks like it is just another story, then I start talking to the player directly. (there is a reason to that)
Zombies mutate 3 times. Same from women.
In order to level up you need to kill every single enemy on the stage, or you can just pass the level without leveling up.
You are free to choose how strong you want to become.
But you will have a hard time finishing the later levels, normally. :)
Also, by not defeating enemies you do not get any money so you will have a hard time buying weapons if you do not beat enough enemies.

@MazeAsh I clicked on your youtube link but it says your channel does not exist. So I searched on youtube for your name and it showed. I contacted you from your youtube channel.
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i just started youtube, but i mus say that i would like to review your game .... making it more in a comentating review video.