Gaming Looking too Collaborate with Xbox 1\360 Gamers

What games are you playing currently?[DOUBLEPOST=1493646175,1493645844][/DOUBLEPOST]Found you. Tons of BF1. Good stuff.

Check out my channel and if you like me and my normal group's humor and/or play style we can get a big group going.

What is your age by the way?
18 Bro, yeah sounds awesome, just ordered a sennheiser Mic which will be here soon! Just checking your channel now :)[DOUBLEPOST=1493646506,1493646259][/DOUBLEPOST]Dropped a sub, should definitely Collaborate !
Hey guys would like to start doing some commentaries and make some new mates in the process, just comment if you want to and we can sort things out :)
You seem to play a lot of Battlefield 1, I could do that and I like doing commentaries anywhere I can contact you?
Yeah sure bro, can't message on here yet as I've not got 50 posts, do you have XB1? Contact me on Facebook, The Restive Chasm is the page name, just message that :) and the logo is the same as on here
I Play Any And Every Game I Get My Hands On, Since Its Something I Prefer To Do With My Time I Make The Most Out Of Every Game I Play, as of now i have BO3, bF1, horizon 3, rainbow six seige, Halo 5. Pretty much the mainstream 1 games