Gaming Looking for PS4 and PC Gamers to Collaborate with!!

Hai! My channel is a shared channel that consists of 2-3 members and we make videos together- A variation of games in videos and livestreams, we only started a week ago and we already have an active subscriber base of 47 people and going up EVERY DAY! If you would be willing to expand your game variation (I have found it's best to never limit yourself, you need freedom!) then please consider collaborating with us! Please contact me on discord- We are Charlie#4990

P.S. I the manager of the channel, I am 15, the second member is also 15, and the last is 17. I am female and they are both male. We may be small, but our active fan base compensates! Our collab preferences are:

- Any amount of subs
- You have more than 1 gaming video on your channel
- You are over 12 years old
- You are friendly, and want to have fun, I don't wish to collab with people who just make a channel for subscribers and money.

If you meet all those expectations, please contact us on discord or if you do not have that- Please tell me your Skype!
My psn is fastfire95 I'm 15 btw

I think I'd make a great addition to the group
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yes ofc that goes without saying, i just mean for when i cant be on the ps4- so we can discuss anything we need to[DOUBLEPOST=1498427620,1498427593][/DOUBLEPOST]also im adding u rn, sorry took a while @Techicvi