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I want to meet some YouTubers near me.

Primarily I'd like to do a collaboration, although I would be happy to just meet up, have a chat, gain insights from each other and film together - This could happily be at the pub if you're over 18!

I'm in Preston myself, but I'm happy to travel in the Northern half of England.

My channel is focused around a Guinness world record attempt for the 'Longest Barefoot Journey' taking place next year. I'm currently uploading and planning on barefoot videos, fundraising for my chosen Charity (St Catherine's Hospice), Publicity stunts to raise awareness and challenges.

If you want to collab and we DO have similar content then awesome! We could do a vlog style meet up or something even more specific if it suits..

If you want to collab and we DON'T have similar content - I think a joint challenge video would be good perfect, I love a good challenge and I'm up for pretty much anything and I love meeting new people.

I'm happy to meet one, two, three or even 50 people. Meeting just one person - Minimum of 50 subs.

According to my dashboard at the time of posting I have:
  • 6,397
  • 91
Hit me up if you are interested!
I might be in Northern England in the beginning of June, as i´m heading to the Download festival. If that´s around your area, then we could meet up!
Otherwise I usually hang around London, at least once a year. I do love it there! Have you been to London?
Heyy wasssssuuuuup

I'm in Canada my man, check out my videos and let me know what u think. Maybe they're good enough to make up for my lack of subscibers atm
Hey bud, I'm based in Cheshire so not too far from you. Currently got 392 Subs so i hope thats enough for your 50 sub requirement xD
Hit me up on Skype: Mister RJ