1. ToxinStorm

    Other Do you like Anime and Manga? I have an idea that can get us to the next level on YT!

    Hello, to keep things short and straight to the point, I am looking for 3 individuals who are fans of anime and manga. I will be going into more detail once I choose you to be a part of the team. These 3 individuals will help me gather information from specific anime and manga and presenting me...
  2. MrMatthewStrange

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone in Northern England want to meet up/collab?

    ! I want to meet some YouTubers near me. Primarily I'd like to do a collaboration, although I would be happy to just meet up, have a chat, gain insights from each other and film together - This could happily be at the pub if you're over 18! I'm in Preston myself, but I'm happy to travel in...
  3. Charles Knapp

    Meet Up/Gathering Texas Meetup!

    Hey everyone! I'd love to see who's in the area of Austin-San Antonio! If you are, then let's schedule a meet-up and do some videos! I'd love to get a few vlogs in for my channel, or do some fun collaborations with some people! Another idea would be to host an actual meetup for YouTuber's in...
  4. Brandino centini

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone Near Calgary

    Hey ive just started a channel today and have no videos but would love to make comedy videos so if anyone wants to help thinking of doing things like sketches thanks
  5. Eaglewolf Magic

    Meet Up/Gathering Any one here in Sweden? :-)

    Hey, I'm an Icelandic magician and I recently moved here to sweden, i'm just curious to know if there is someone here living in Sweden or just staying here for some time and would like to meet up, for a coffee or whatever and maybe create something fun :)
  6. Emily Pruna

    Meet Up/Gathering What Would You Do For A Gathering?

    Hi guys! I have been looking through the YTtalk Meet up/Gathering forum for a while now and was a little disappointed that there weren't any meet ups anywhere near me. So I decided that if I can't find a gather I should make one! The only thing is I've never done anything like this before so I...
  7. Kelsey Groleau

    Meet Up/Gathering ANYONE CLOSE TO MONTREAL, QC?!

    ANYONE CLOSE TO MONTREAL, QC?! It'd be cool to know people around my place that share the same passion. we could do collabs and gatherings and so many cool stuff :)
  8. Sixshades

    Meet Up/Gathering LONDON MEET UP/COLLAB :)

    Hey guys! We are six guys located in London and have recently started youtube and we're looking for people to collab we! We do all types of videos, ranging from football/wrestling videos to pranks and public videos, we also do film and music reviews so if anybody's interested just hit us up...
  9. wtefe

    Meet Up/Gathering Seattle area YouTubers...

    Good Morning Seattle... Wondering if there are any youtubers in the Seattle area, what your channels are all about, and if you happen to meet on a regular/irregular basis, and if not if there is any interest there. I've had my channel for a little over a year now, and although I'm not quite...
  10. supimnathan

    Blade & Soul - Crafting & Gathering Guide (Orders, Guilds, Combinations, Profit)

    Hello Everyone! My whole idea behind this video is to help any new players or any players who are unsure about any features in the game, specifically with the crafting and gathering. I extensively over a lot of core features of the game and attempt to help you get your head around anything you...