meet me

  1. Jose Toribio

    Meet Up/Gathering NYC area boiiz or ONLINE

    Hey, everyone! I'm open to making videos with anyone. I can either meet up so we can think of something to film or we can speak on discord and plan from there. :-] Recently I have been trying to be more consistent with my content and posting regularly. We can meet online or in person! My name...
  2. MrMatthewStrange

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone in Northern England want to meet up/collab?

    ! I want to meet some YouTubers near me. Primarily I'd like to do a collaboration, although I would be happy to just meet up, have a chat, gain insights from each other and film together - This could happily be at the pub if you're over 18! I'm in Preston myself, but I'm happy to travel in...
  3. ProfessionalRik

    Meet Me! [A Re-Introduction]

    A long, long time ago; in a galaxy far awa-- No, just kidding. I made an introductory video a while back that started off with the phrase "Who I am is not important." Since I've changed my mind and think I AM important now, I decided to try again.
  4. L

    Meet Up/Gathering Any youtubers @ The Netherlands/Holland