collaboration and meet up

  1. xxkittylee

    New youtuber from maryland. Anyone want to collaborate in Maryland??

    Hello I'm Kitty, I just started a new youtube channel. I posted a few art videos and one vlog video. Youtube channel is xxkittylee . Not sure where I want to take this page but definitely want to collaborate with some people. Help me get started. Wondering if anyone in Maryland wants to...
  2. Christopher Gainz

    Other Hey anyone want to collaborate

    Hello I am a small youtuber with no particular niche but would love to collaborate with someone or a few people once everything goes back to normal. Anyone game ? My latest video below:
  3. Shurikex

    Vlog Anyone in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area that wants to collaborate?

    Happy November everyone I am currently looking to form a blog group to blog with around the South Jersey/Philly area. I am into Sport, food, technology, gaming, music, and traveling. I am new to YouTube blogging I want to do this fulltime one day with a crew that has a passion for this as much...
  4. codlags

    Gaming Collab | Recording Squad | Funny

    Looking for a group of people to record with (Gaming Videos + Funny Moments) ---> No squeakers ---->Someone who is funny ---->Knows how to have fun Check out my YouTube to get an idea of my recording style Would like to find a group like ImSuda's or Vanoss's group of friends.
  5. Ceriv

    Gaming Looking for a group of friends to play and record with

    I play on PS4, PC and switch. I have been looking for people to play with for a while since my old group disbanded and we all went our separate ways. So hit me up if you're interested. Discord is Ceriv#4732 And I have a good amount of single player games I like and the same can be said with...
  6. its kind of a grey area

    Comedy Fun 2K Subscriber Youtube show Looking to collaborate!

    Hey everyone. We’re are the hosts of “It’s Kind of A Grey Area”. A comedy talk show about hypothetical situations, real life stories, and crazy topics. We’re looking for some fun youtubers Or podcaster to do come collaboration videos with. Check out our show and feel free to email us at...
  7. Learning Facts

    Other Anyone want to collaborate with me?

    My youtube channel is about education, general knowledge, facts and current affairs. If anyone interested or have a youtube channel related to my channel then tell me. We add eachothers channel in our featured channel.
  8. O


    Hi, guys, I'm new here and I'm a New Youtuber, I'm looking for someone to collaborate with, I'm in New York My Ig is Honeybadgeer if you want to check me out. I would love to do a Collaboration with someone
  9. iamthecali

    Comedy Lets Collab

    Hello I would like to collab with someone on a video. Anyone i doesnt matter how many subs you have i just want to collab on a Skit or a comedy video. Hit Me Up on Instagram to talk about the video
  10. LocationIndy

    Vlog new youtubers related to travel, health/fitness, personal finance, or online dating

    Hey I have a brand new youtube channel and looking to collaborate with anyone even somehow related to these topics (I'm a digital nomad): You can see I have a lot of interests :) -- I would love to do a live google hangout/video with someone into one of these topics. Thanks in advance! -...
  11. suykensjonathan

    Vlog International collaboration

    International collaboration: for people who are serious about it and want to go for it, more info via pm. Regards
  12. MrMatthewStrange

    Meet Up/Gathering Anyone in Northern England want to meet up/collab?

    ! I want to meet some YouTubers near me. Primarily I'd like to do a collaboration, although I would be happy to just meet up, have a chat, gain insights from each other and film together - This could happily be at the pub if you're over 18! I'm in Preston myself, but I'm happy to travel in...
  13. LeroySays

    Gaming [PC] Looking for Minecraft Youtubers/Helpers to collab with

    Hello there I've started a Minecraft Survival Series I'm at Episode 2 now and my GOAL Is to go all the way to 300+ episode if you want to collab or just want to help out making content and be in the video etc let me know there is currently only 4 spots left since I've got a private server with...
  14. Pedro Nascimento

    Vlog I Travel The World! Where Are You From?

    Hey to you all! I am a vlogger and I travel the world making vlogs! Tell me where are you from and if you want to collaborate on something that would be nice for both channels. I live in Dubai so it's easy for me to go almost anywhere. See you soon
  15. Ronnie Terry Jr

    Meet Up/Gathering Collaborating in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Hello everyone, I was hoping to collaborate with someone in the Wisconsin area (I am located in Milwaukee). If you're interested at all, please reach out to me! Thank you for your time!
  16. Ronnie Terry Jr

    Comedy Collaboration in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Hello everyone, I was just curious as to whether there were any members near the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area? I would love to collaborate on some videos if possible. Thank you for your time!
  17. caliInfinite

    Vlog Atenttion all vloggers!!!

    Hi cali here, I just started on YouTube and are looking for someone to do a collab with me. The collab will be a Vlog about whatever you want. If that collab was good then we can do another project. If you want to apply, please reply to this thread or email @ please...
  18. ICEMonk71

    Gaming Looking for mature PC Collab and Friends

    Hey there my name is Jack or Zatrael (Formerly ICEMonk) and I am looking for some people to collaborate with have some fun and possibly become friends. The games I frequently play and record alone and with friends X-Plane 11 (alone, never recorded it with others, but would love to) GMOD (with...
  19. Sofia360

    Vlog Hola Chic@s! - COLLABORATION 330 Subs- Latin/Spanish Youtuber´s

    Hi everyone, I am looking for someone who would like to collaborate for a Video. Currently I have 330 Subs ;) ....... yes not the world but consistently growing. I would be open for any kind of collaboration so lets get in contact and start to move things. (Living in Vienna - Austria) Besos...
  20. BloodyDude

    Gaming Any PC Gaming YouTube Under 18? Minecraft / Half-Life

    Any PC Gaming YouTube Under 18? Minecraft / Half-Life :winkphones: Hey Guys, My channel is BloodyDude and I am looking for some PC Gaming YouTubers Under 18 years old. If you have 10 Subs you can get in if you want to. I have like 20 Subs and growing slowly.That's why I want to collab. I do...