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  1. WarriorDan

    Is House of the Dead: Remake Worth Buying? [GAME REVIEW]

    For this week's game review video, I thought it'd be fun to check out the recently-released House of the Dead: Remake, since I had grown up playing the original arcade game. As always, I welcome your feedback and support over on YouTube. Comments are always more than appreciated, and I enjoy...
  2. WarriorDan

    Is Alien Fireteam Elite Worth Buying? [Alien Fireteam Elite review]

    In this newest review video, we take a look at Alien Fireteam Elite, the new coop Alien multiplayer game from Cold Iron Studios. If you're looking for more information on this newest Aliens game, you've come to the right review video!
  3. Andros

    Gaming gaming website and channel collaboration and writers needed

    Hey, I'm with the website We do gaming news, updates, and cover just about anything having to do with gaming. We're looking for writers! We'd love to have you apply for a position. In between making news content, we give creators opportunities to express their thoughts and...
  4. WarriorDan

    Alien Blackout [GAME REVIEW]

    I review the recently-released controversial Alien Isolation mobile spinoff, Alien Blackout. I'm not sure who over at Fox thought what Alien Isolation fans wanted was a mobile game, but they should be promptly tarred and feathered in early colonial fashion. Just a thought. I do appreciate...
  5. WarriorDan

    Darkness Rises [GAME REVIEW]

    In my newest game review video, I review the hack-and-slash action-RPG mobile game, "Darkness Rises", in this newest episode of my longstanding "What Is The Point Of" series. Any feedback either here or below the video is always helpful. Likewise, if you enjoy this video and/or my other...
  6. WarriorDan

    Occupy White Walls [First Impressions]

    In this video, I review Occupy White Walls, the recently-released Steam Early Access art-based simulation game. Keep in mind my critique in this video only reflects the current state of the game, and hopefully one day some of my criticisms will no longer be relevant. If you enjoy this video...
  7. WarriorDan

    What Is The Point Of: Immortal Redneck [GAME REVIEW]

    I review Immortal Redneck, the fast-paced procedural first-person-shooter indie game developed by Crema, in the newest episode of my game review series, "What Is The Point Of", where I analyze and critique the pros and cons of the different gameplay mechanics and other elements presented in the...
  8. Icon

    Gaming PS4 H1Z1 and game review collabs. Im from the uk.

    I'm looking for collab's for my channel. I do game reviews, game news and soon PS4 gameplay on H1Z1. I have been doing video's/streaming for 2 years now and i have recently dropped twitch tv to focus on youtube video's. I generally want to entertain my audience so I do not care on how many subs...
  9. TNTyphlosion

    Commentary CLOSED - Looking for Writers and/or Narrators

    I have a video game, movie review and commentary channel, and am looking for a few people who might be interested in helping write and/or voice over some scripts. I have needed to get a job outside of youtube and have very little time to work on videos now. The channel mainly focuses on video...
  10. Yodysseus IV


    I want to have people put their game review videos here together in a single place so we can all see new games and check them out, while helping fellow youtubers grow their audience! Hope this catches on! -Yodysseus IV
  11. LifeAsJenny

    How To Get Started

    So i'm going to start adding a bit of game play footage to my channel. How do I go about getting permission for the games i play? I was told to contact devlopers. I'm not sure exactly how to go about that. I'm new to gaming area on youtube and i don't want to have any strikes on my channel. Any...
  12. GrgakGames

    Thoughts on better "flow"

    So I have been doing this for about a month and was curious on what you guys think. From one of my first videos to the most recent have I improved? Does it flow better? Overall impressions on the videos? I don't mind hearing "SO GOOD THANKS" but I would love some constructive criticism...