1. T

    Gaming Pc gaming group

    I AM JOINING A COLLAB Anyone wants to collab? hit me up on skype "Zee 4" i play on pc. pc games: -gta 5 -csgo -gmod -dead by daylight -overwatch -rainbow six siege -Disc wars any more... i am looking for 16+ i am 16 myself. i need to collab with people that are funny and wont take jokes...
  2. KrivixHD

    Gaming Pc Gaming Collaboration/Crew/Partner

    Hey YTtalk i'm a 13 year old yet I am pretty mature so don't doubt me. I play mostly on pc, and will be getting a larger genre of games in the future. For right now I have Minecraft, Csgo, League of Legends, and a few others like DayZ.
  3. RunicSnowball

    Gaming Creating a funny moments PC gaming group; GTAV,GMOD,Rust...

    I've recently wanted to start doing YouTube properly, and I'm looking to create a small group to play with and just have fun. Requirements to join Must be 16 or over, I myself am 17. Must have a good microphone. Must have Discord, that's how we'll communicate. That's it, no subs requirement...
  4. M

    Gaming Looking for pc collab.

    i am looking for someone who plays pc games like GTA 5, minecraft, Gmod and more. i am looking for someone of the age of 14 to 16 and i am a 15 years old male. also i live in UK. steam ID: STEAM_0:0:49818862 (google this to find my account.) steam name: mathew20113
  5. Rokymori

    Gaming Gaming Collaborations

    Description: I'm looking for others to collaborate with on certain games. I do plan on editing and posting the collaborations if they go well. If you meet the requirements below, just reply to the thread and ill try to respond as fast as I can. Also, I only play on PC. Requirements: Ages: 14 -...
  6. Creeforple

    Gaming Gaming collab

    Hi everyone i am Creeforple i don't have any subs atm because i restarted my channel because of alot of inactive subs, But me and my friends are looking for some people to play and record the following games Ark Survival Evolved (We have a server) GMod GTAV CS:GO Minecraft (we kinda have a...
  7. Surrendead

    GMOD Prop Hunt w/ Friends

  8. SoulBarrier2

    Gaming Gaming Group

    Whats up! i'm trying to form a group of gamers or youtubers whatever you prefer in this we would make collabs like funny moments ,Co-op and other cool things no w if you are interested the only requirements are that you are 17 and up , have a mic and subs do not matter at all and thats it just...
  9. Surrendead

    GMOD Prop Hunt: 3 till Death - ft. Fellow YTT'ers

    Some fun moments I had playing GMOD prop hunt with fellow YTT'ers. YTTalk is really a great place to make friends with similar interests! So I urge everyone to just go out and start talking with people, everyone is extremely friendly!
  10. Shylyrushed

    Gaming Serious PC Collab 18+

    I'm looking for people who are fun and loud and entertaining to make funny videos with in a variety of games. I play on PC and we will use my private Discord to communicate. You must have a quality mic and no background noise as well as be open for recording at most any time. I have a GMOD...
  11. SinxeGaming

    Gaming Looking for pc collab csgo and gmod etc, 16+ and uk (or near he uk) timezone. No sub amount required

    Im looking for some people would like to record funny moments and such on games like csgo and gmod. I say 16+ because if you see any of my videos, its not all that child friendly. I live in the UK so the timezone if you are in places like USA is just too difficult with the time difference to...
  12. SoulBarrier2

    Gaming Forming Gaming Group!

    Hello my name is soulbarrier and im looking to form a gaming group in this group we would be focusing on making funny content or just funny moments videos if you are interested in doing so please message me down below!
  13. Draven

    Gaming PC and PS4! Collaboration size don't matter

    Looking to Collab with people size don't matter to me I am just looking fun people to play fun GAMES with and hopefully make some cool friends!! But the fun won't be fun unless we have rules such as: Must be 15 or over (Soz) Has to play PC or PS4 be yourself (just be happy) MY ps4 username is...
  14. SoulBarrier2

    Gaming Gmod Funny Moments video collab

    Im looking for people to do a funny moments video with there's one requirements and that is you need to be 17 or up and thats all heres my discord SoulBarrier#5555 and ill add you and will all discuss what to do
  15. SoulBarrier2

    Gaming looking to form a gaming group

    Im looking to form a gaming group where we would make funny moments on games like gmod and etc i don't have any requirements there is one that you have to be 17 or older i don't care what your subcount is as long as you meet that one requirement your fine
  16. ChrisAntigen

    Gaming PC Collab GtaV, GMod, Ect

    My friend and I are starting a collaboration group and we are in need of 2 more people. We are planning on playing multiplayer games like GtaV, Scrap Mechanic, and really any multiplayer openworld and or FPS. Requirements -Good mic -Around age 16 (no squeakers) -Respectful member -Able to record...
  17. A

    Gaming PC gamers collab ? Gmod, CSGO, Minecraft and pretty much anything

    Hey guys, so me and my friend are looking for some people to collab with. I'm 19 and he's 22 so a basic requirement which we are looking for is at least 18+. UK based or European based timezones are recommended but if you don't live in the gmt timezone, it isn't a tiebreaker. We can work...
  18. Tuurngait Gaming

    Gmod Prop Hunt Funny Moments!

    Hey I compiled a few clips out of a bunch I recorded and bunched them up into this funny moments video! Check it out haha. :D
  19. Jess Gemini

    Gaming I need someone to play or collaborate with. (PC)(f2p)(GMOD)

    Hey! my name is Jess Gemini and i'm looking for someone to collaborate with F2P games like LoL but i also have GMOD. i'm not a big channel but i'm willing to play with anyone. check my channel.
  20. T

    Gaming Any game colabs. Any size.

    I'm a small youtuber who is looking for some friends to record with or just play with. I really like moded minecraft and Gmod so comment down below if you want to colab. Msg me on twitter for more info.
  21. R

    Gaming YouTube collab no sub requirement ASAP

    Hey TL;DR- Need 2 guys for Gmod collab today at round 6 PM GMT. Discord needed Sounds weird... But I need 2 people to collab with for Gmod Prop hunt or any other gamemode. Minecraft will work too. And You have to be able to record in 8 hrs like at round 6 PM GMT. Requirement-...
  22. NoboDY_No0b

    Gaming Garry's Mod Collaboration (PC - Funny Moments)

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! I Have No Subscriber Requirements And I Want People To Collab With Me For Gmod..... Requirements :- [1] A mic (quality doesn't matter) [2] NO SQUEAKERS [3] Good Attitude [4] Good...
  23. Finn Connolly

    Gaming Group Gmod Colab

    Hey everyone ! Me and a fellow Yttalk user are planning on creating a colab series on garrys mod where we will play various game modes ! comment your skypes or steam usernames and we can all talk further !
  24. Kniving777

    Gaming Looking for a solid group of friends - Funny Moments

    Hi everyone, I'm Kniving777, and I'm looking for some more people to play games with Basically, I'd like to start a close group of friends who play games together. I've switched my channel to "Funny Moments" and such, so commentaries/letsplays aren't really my thing. This way, I like...
  25. T

    Gaming Pc games Collab (No Requirements)

    Ill be playing on these games ---------------------------------------- - CSGO - Gmod - MineCraft - Call Of Duty MW2 - Portal 2 - Saints Row 4 I need someone to play with on pc to help make some content. I have 475subscribers and looking to grow mine and yours channel Just need a Good mic...
  26. T

    Gaming (PC) Grow Your Channel (Collab)

    I need you, to help me make this amazing content, ill shout you out, post ur link and help you grow, and ill I want is to be shouted out to so we can grow together and become the next vannosgaming. I have 473 subs Requirements --------------------- - Good Mic - Skype - Your own Youtube Channel...
  27. T

    Gaming (PC) Collab To Help Grow Your Channel

    I need you, to help me make this amazing content, ill shout you out, post ur link and help you grow, and ill I want is to be shouted out to so we can grow together and become the next vannosgaming. I have 473 subs Requirements --------------------- - Good Mic - Skype - Your own Youtube Channel...
  28. T

    Gaming Sup, looking to grow your youtube channel (PC GAMES)

    well u came to the right place, im looking to do a Collab with some people to make funny content. I run my on youtube channel called TylerHarding69 and im in the process of making some funny videos but im missing something..... YOU. I need you, to help me make this amazing content, ill shout...
  29. Shylyrushed

    Gaming Gaming/Recording Squad 17+ MUST BE FLEXIBLE

    Just trying to form a group of 6-10 people that all play together and record together. must be outgoing, agreeable, fun, and have a good sense of humor. I myself am 18. Feel free to message me on steam "MouthyKid" or on skype "Shylyrushed" if you're interested or have any questions. All types of...
  30. Wolfywolfminecraft

    Gaming PC Collaboration :D

    Hi my names wolfy/wolfywolfminecraft and im looking for some fellow youtubers out there who would like to collab :D There are some requirements but not many :) 1. Good microphone (Please have a good mic it would help ALOT) 2. Most people say so and so amount of subs but as long as your content...