Gaming YouTube Collab (Yes Its A Generic Name I Know)

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Hey y'all, I wanna do some collab videos with others. I'm looking to collab in games like Garry's Mod, CS:GO, Shell Shock Live, and other fun games. If you are interested, email me at or reply below :)
Hey I would like to collab with you. I was wondering when you would be free to record? I have Minecraft on PC.
hey dude im from england so it might be hard but i do funny moments on csgo so if u want to add my discord Gingeplayscs#6138
Hello, I have Garry's mod and CSGO. Currently my content consists of GMOD, check out my channel if that's the content you're looking for.

P.S I am english
I have Gmod and is looking for other games, I currently have no one to play games with so maybe we scratch each other's back? We game together and if you record videos, then I shall too :)

Edit: I'm english and from the uk
Looking for CSGO collaboration, im around 200 subscribers.

Skype: cyberfresh27


Hi and welcome to YTtalk. :)

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