1. Daniel Loaiza

    Gaming Looking for Gamers (PC) round 14-16 years of age to collaborate and create a group with!

    Hey, my names Dan and on YouTube, I go by ME_Adrenaline. I would love to collaborate with some awesome content creators! I am 15 years of age. I am located in Australia so we can work around time-zones and recording sessions. I play games likes CS:GO, Paladins, Minecraft (rare occasions)...
  2. MattTries

    Gaming CS:GO/Fortnite/RainbowSix/Random Games

    Looking for nice/funny people to record videos with. I'd prefer people ages 15+. Subscriber count doesn't really matter because I'm really just wanting to create a discord for everyone to join and get big and grow as 1. any size is welcome, we all want to grow. I play PC, PS4, and Xbox on some...
  3. IcyCell

    Gaming Funny CS:GO Group, alot like fitz

    I'm looking for other YouTubers to play csgo with and just make constant jokes and make eachother laugh and there veiwers laugh too. Alot like fitz, if u don't know him just search it on YouTube I don't care what rank u are, and the funnier u are the better. Discord: Bakarainic #7169
  4. curlyhairedfreak

    Gaming Looking for members for a funny gaming group.

    I'm looking for pc gamers who don't care about doing well in games so much as having fun and laughing. I/we Play CS:GO, Fortnite, TF2, Raft, etc. Requirements: - Don't be a try hard - Be fine with swearing - Don't be offended by basically anything - Don't be too shy - Have a good time Discord...
  5. Grifn4ge

    Gaming CS:GO Funny Moments

    Heyo I am in a Discord server with like 30 people who are all youtubers and want to collab, but we do not have enough people for a full CS:GO team. We have wanted to record CS funny moments or Strat Roulette for a while, we just need more people who play CS:GO. You don't have to have a channel...
  6. Nord

    Gaming I have a good amount of subs. I'd like to collaborate. maybe play some CS:GO or some VR games.

    Hello!, I'm Nord. I'd love to work with someone who is about my age:21 who would like to collaborate. If you like playing PC games and want to goof around for a while, hit me up!
  7. S

    Gaming A Small Group of Youtubers To Collab With

    Hi there My name is Stupidpendous & I'm a very small Youtuber & i was wondering if any other Youtubers want to create a series or something like that. The Games I Play Now: Minecraft, Terraria, GMod Games i'm Planing to Play: The Forest, PUBG, COD WW2, More GMod, Modded Minecraft Games I've been...
  8. L

    Gaming Looking to get back into YouTube

    Hi, My channel's name is name is Luke.M16 (You have to go look it up on YouTube if you want to see it) I haven't posted in a while and I deleted all of my videos so I'm basically starting at square one I am looking for some people to collab with and play games with. Games I have: Gmod CS:GO...
  9. Fatman0

    Gaming CS:GO CHANNEL! (5.3K SUBS)

    youtube.com/Fatman0 I am looking for other channels aswell!
  10. Jamethan

    Gaming Looking for Fun content creators to collab and create a group with!

    Hey guys, how you doing? great? that's good man, that's real good! looking to create a group of content creators to accelerate all of our channels. I'm a youtuber who has just started a 2 weeks ago but started taking it seriously 1 week ago. I have 14 subs and have a huge passion for getting...
  11. Diabetus

    Gaming PC Youtuber Group! Ready to Collab! 13+ Years Old Only

    Hello There! Im Kaden Knowles, 16 Years Old. I Have a Youtube Channel with 117 Subscribers at the Time Of Writing This. Me and my Friends are looking for Friends to Collaborate on The PC With! All Games Are Welcome, But we mostly Play The Following: Paladins, Garry's Mod, Modded Minecraft...
  12. Jolttix

    Gaming Funny moments - Looking to collab

    I need friends that specialize in funny moments content, I mainly play CS:GO and H1. Check out my channel and see if you create similar content, if you do then leave a comment on this thing. Please be 16 or older and have an active channel. I like pizza as well.
  13. Jolttix

    Gaming Just Some Friends, Specialize in Funny Moments

    I need some friends to play with. I have CS:GO, H1Z1:KOTK, and Garry's Mod are the main games I play. The only thing I ask is that you are 16 or older, and have an active YouTube channel. I mainly play CS:GO and I'm awful. I already have 2 other friends, ReMixzGaming and YaBoyMerp. Please go...
  14. Tactic Zar

    Gaming Looking to Collab (Any Age) (PC) (Xbox One)

    Hello, My name is Tactic Zar, If you have seen my channel I am up for doing any type of gaming video,I am looking to Collab with anyone. I play Counter Strike, Rainbow six, COD, and I am always down to check out any other games, Lastly I have an Xbox one and I have COD, GTA, and more.
  15. LlamaGamer

    Gaming Minecraft or CS:GO Collab

    Hello Im looking for somebody mature to do collabs with, Ages :11 to 15 I do CS:GO and Minecraft content occasionally story games like the shadows that run along side our car (A Indie,Story game that made me cry for 20 minutes straight) Anyway Im looking for somebody to do youtube with. My Skype...
  16. Diabetus

    Gaming Looking For More Gamers!

    Hello Fellow Gaming Channels! I'm "The Bravest" But you can call me Kade. Me and a group of friends set up a Official Group of Youtube PC Gamers 2 months ago so that can play games together so that everyone can grow and we will never be short on Friends to play with. Its Called AK Clan (we can...
  17. Ronan Burns

    Gaming Looking For a CS:GO collab (All are welcome)

    Hey guys RonBear here and I would love to make a video with you! If you would like to make a video with me just comment on my profile.
  18. Forrz

    Gaming YouTube Collab (Yes Its A Generic Name I Know)

    Hey y'all, I wanna do some collab videos with others. I'm looking to collab in games like Garry's Mod, CS:GO, Shell Shock Live, and other fun games. If you are interested, email me at mistahforrz@gmail.com or reply below :)
  19. Spook

    CSGO - Funny Moments - The Goof Troop

    Funny Moments Featuring Ranked CS:GO Players In Their Natural Habitat (SILVER BRACKET) WAKE ME UP INSIDE FT. GOOFY. Hey guys, I'm starting a new series of CS:GO funny moments and would appreciate any and all feedback! Thanks for your time! - Spook (Yellow)
  20. MZ-101

    Gaming Any Battlefield from Bad Company 2 and up, Rainbow Six: Siege or CS:GO! (PC)

    Their isn't much to add really... I'm looking for player those games who has 200 subscribers and up. A good Commentator with videos to show for it and is motivated!
  21. BananaCupcake123

    Gaming CS:GO COLLAB?

    Hey i'm looking for someone to make CS:GO videos with. Requirements: *13+ *CS:GO. *Good mic. *Skype. *Dedicated to make videos. Anyways if you want to watch my videos just click my channel link (i think it works)
  22. SwitchBladeJay

    Gaming Looking for collaborators for a Counter Strike Radio Project

    I'm looking for collaborators for a Counter Strike Radio project. There's no real requirements, other than being passionate to speak about the game and the going on's around there. If you've ever seen WoW radio then you'll get the idea. We make a variety of podcast like shows based around...
  23. JonCruz

    Gaming Looking for Youtubers to collab who play CS:GO, Unturned, Minecraft and more!

    I'm a bit of a small Youtuber with over 600 subs (My Youtube is Jon Cruz) I am looking for any Youtubers with at least 100 subs to collab with on the games like CS:GO, Unturned, Minecraft and all the "IO" games. If you are interested reply to this post with your skype and Youtube link! Thanks!
  24. Zenova

    Gaming CS:GO Collab?

    Hello I am Zenova, I like to make csgo montages and I am running out of ideas for them so I thought me and whoever is reading thing this would want to collab. We can make a commentary we can 1v1 we can do highlights. Or if you have a good idea we could work with that to. Age: 12-16 Skype...
  25. LuminousLive


    Hello there , my name is anthony and i want to record a video with YOU! first of all lets get right into the requirements -100 subscribers or more (can make exceptions) -good microphone -extrovert -outgoing personality -professinal channel branding PLEASE READ THE REST IF YOU WANT TO KNOW...
  26. wufu

    Tmartn Lying(Proof)in his apology video....when will he learn??

    In this video I bring light to some of the lies Tmartn said and showed in his "Apology" video. I hope you watch it (It is less than a minute and a half). I just can't seem to believe that he still lied to his viewers. It is quite funny and sad at the same time. I hope you find the video somewhat...
  27. MangoDude


    Hey so i am looking for someone i can play games with, Record videos and we can basically grow together on youtube. I am currently on 126 subscribers 14+ years old please We can play games like GTA V, Garry's Mod, CS:GO, And many other games And decent audio and video :D
  28. BananaCupcake123

    Gaming PC collab?

    Hey my name is BananaCupcake. Games that i have . CS:GO . Gary's mod, and minecraft Requirements : * 13+ (i'm 14) *Must have a good quality mic. *Must have one of the games above you can check out my channel. i have 3 videos with commentary. just click the link.
  29. Saddy


    Welcome back guys! Hope you enjoy the video! If you guys enjoyed please leave a thumbs up to let us know to do more videos!
  30. Saddy


    Another day, another ace. Holding A bomb site on my own with the awp. I hope you guys enjoy it! ------ Music -